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Confession .308. I Worry I Won’t Be The Same, But I Guess That That’s The Point…

Is this the way to fix this
Or is this a quick fix?
i really couldn’t say…

Confession .308.  I Worry I Won't Be The Same, But I Guess That That's The Point...

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and National Suicide Prevention Week is September 6th-12th.

If you actually read when you come here, then you know that around this time last year, i was hospitalized for the first time.

So this month, as long as RL doesn’t interfere as it’s rudely been doing the last month and a half or so, i plan to approach this topic a lot.  From recounting my experience again to changes between then and now… resources i’ve started to utilize, especially during the pandemic, and other things as i can think of them.

September 13th i’m planning to perform a dance piece that is very close to this subject for me… dance and music have always been ways for me to communicate when words won’t do.  i hope to see some of you there.  ♥

Shape || Mine
Body || Lara Body (v5.2) | Maitreya
Head || Genus Head Baby Face W001 (v1.7) | Genus Project
Skin || Lilliana Skin (Dolce Tone) | Enfer Sombre
Hair || Bloodline Hair (Deluxe HUD) | Doux
Sheer Top || Ballet Top | Salt & Pepper | Equal 10 (until 9/5)
Leotard || Ballet Leotard | Salt & Pepper | Equal 10 (until 9/5)
Legwarmers || Ballet Legwarmers | Salt & Pepper | Equal 10 (until 9/5)
Shoes || Ballet Pointe Tip | Salt & Pepper | Equal 10 (until 9/5)
– Pointes are sold in 2 mini fatpacks of colors: nudes and colours and are included in both pointe foot shape and flat foot shape.
Collar || Kindred Collar | Cae
Rings & Nails || Glam Nails & Rings | RealEvil Industries

Backdrop || Illuminated (Blue) | FoxCity
Pose || Ballet Minx 1 | FoxCity

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Medicate” – Gabbie Hanna

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