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Confession .304. Deep Down, When No One’s Around, You’ve Got A Heart Of Gold – Where Is It Now?

Charlotte, would You still care
If You knew i was hurting?
i miss my Friend, it’s like i’m missing
Parts of me i didn’t know
And now i’ve got to let them go
But i…
i just wanna know if You’re still fine…

Confession .304.  Deep Down, When No One's Around, You've Got A Heart Of Gold - Where Is It Now?

i don’t have another way to get to You…

Are You still fine?
i’m not fine.

i’ll be ok eventually… but right now… i’m not fine.
So are You still fine?

i’m having one of those stupid moments where i miss Someone i shouldn’t miss.  Like it’s not the best thing for either of U/us… but my heart still misses Them.  And it’s probably stupid to even talk about it, because these pick-me ass bitches are probably going to go run and tell Them, “She’s talking about You.”

Piss off.

i haven’t been able to drink Snapple Apple since it all fell apart.
Go run and tell that.  -.-

Shape || Mine
Body || Freya Body (v5.2) | Belleza
Head || Genus Head Baby Face W001 (v1.7) | Genus Project
– As of today (7/3/20), Genus has made the announcement that they have reopened, the sale that was happening when the DMCA claim came down has been reinstated, and the gift head that was out at the time has been made available again as well.  Welcome back, Genus!
* Skin || Alisa Skin (Tone 004) | Glam Affair
Eyeshadow || Dreaming Shadows | Shiny Stuffs
Eyeliner || Mod Chic | Shiny Stuffs
Lipstick || BOM Lip | Shiny Stuffs
* Hair || Chiffon Hair (Misc HUD – Tinted with Tinter) | Stealthic
* Lingerie || Jello Shots Lingerie | Vinyl | Kinky Event | new!

Backdrop || Neon City Vol2 White | FoxCity
Pose || Delicate 4 | FoxCity

Blogging Tune || “Charlotte” – Sody

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