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Confession .290. Not Wishing The Best, Cause I Was That For You…

Cause You said this then did that
Took my heart, gave it back
How do You expect me to be happy for You?

Confession .290.  Not Wishing The Best, Cause I Was That For You...

Honestly, this song has absolutely nothing to do with how i’m feeling at the moment.  i just fell down the Youtube black hole and had never heard of her before, and i love her lyrics.  i’m actually in a pretty good mood, all things considered.

Sometimes what’s best for you is right in front of you.  -heart eyes-

Shape || Mine
Body || Freya Body BENTO (v5.2) | Belleza
Head || Genus Head Classic Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Eyes || Galaxy Eyes | MILA
Skin || Vilna Skin (Honey Tone) | MILA
Freckles || All Over Freckles | MILA
* Eyeshadow || Neon Vibbing Shadow | MJN | new for Mainstore Opening!
* Lipstick || Naomi Mattes | MJN | EBento | new!
Hair || Faye Hair | Magika | new!
* Top || Victoria Bustier | Vinyl | Kustom9 | new!
Collar || Santa’s Choker (Black) | Swan

Pose || Celestial 6m | FoxCity

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “i wasn’t enough for you” (acoustic) – Hollyn

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