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Confession .289. Are You Able To See Me?

i stand in front of You, with a few more steps between U/us
i stand in front of You, with a few more steps between U/us
i stand in front of You, with a few more steps between U/us
You tried to see the unknown…

Confession .289.  Are You Able To See Me?

Here’s a hint… the answer is no, Y/you can’t see me.  N/nobody can, it seems.  Lately, anyway.

Lately i’ve felt so invisible everywhere i go.  And by everywhere, i mean the one place that i socialize the most.  Socializing in a vacuum like i have kinda gotten myself stuck into doing pretty much assures that however you’re made to feel in that particular social circle is how you feel in the rest of your life.  Accepted?  Confidence boosted by a successful interaction?  It’s easy for that confidence to bleed over into other, unrelated, areas of your life.

But in much the same way, if you start to feel isolated and unvalued, it’s very easy for that to bleed over into everything else.  And it sucks.

i’ve given serious consideration to finding a new Community.  And that’s not something i ever thought i’d say and be honestly considering.  Like… i’ve had overly-emotional, knee-jerk reactions before and considered it for, like, two seconds… but this if the first time i’ve needed to take a step back to avoid leaving and never looking back.

It appears that the Community has begun to value Quantity over Quality, and i’m not sure if that aligns with my personal view of Community.  Nor do some of the people they’ve elevated recently into certain roles align with my view of what exemplary submission is meant to look like.  If these are to be the examples that the Community wants submissives to look to, i’m not sure O/our views align anymore.

Which is unfortunate… because they used to.  So the Community itself has changed in the just over 2 years i’ve been there.  And while change is inevitable, it is not always for the better.  This change is a de-evolution… rather than an elevation.

i suppose i can only hope that eventually, the Powers that be will see what’s happened… and fix it.

But i’m not exactly holding my breath.

Shape || Mine
Body || Freya Body BENTO (v5.2) | Belleza
Head || Genus Head Classic Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Skin || Emma Skin (Tawny Tone) | Amara Beauty
Lipstick || New Love 9 | IDTTY Faces
* Hair || Cascade (Redhead HUD) | Stealthic
* Dress || Odette Corset Dress | Cynful | Collabor88 | new!
Nails || Pointy Bento Nails | Lueur x Revoul
Necklaces || Alyssa Set (Silver) | Supernatural

Backdrop || Neon City Vol 3 Photo Booth | FoxCity
– This was a previous Limit8 release.  With the closing of the event, FoxCity is offering a last chance for customers to get some of the limited edition releases before they go away forever.  Your ability to get these is subject to their availability.  You’ll find them on a display on the front wall of the store, if they’re still available.
Pose || Boi, Bye 4 | FoxCity

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Are You Able To See Me?” – Hippie Sabotage

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