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Confession .288. Grace Is Just Weakness, Or So I’ve Been Told…

For all of the light that i shut out
For all of the innocent things that i doubt
For all of the bruises i’ve caused and the tears
For all of the things that i’ve done all these years…

Confession .288.  Grace Is Just Weakness, Or So I've Been Told...

Tonight while i ironically led a Red Flags workshop in-world geared towards submissives and what they should look for in their interactions with Dominants, i realized just how terrible i am at taking my own advice and practicing what i preach sometimes.  Let me explain…

i found myself reading back through the red flags, both in initial/new interactions as well as longer-term relationships… and i saw so many of them the past few days that i just ignored.  i preach to these girls how important it is to trust your gut and to not ignore the signs, and then what the fuck did i go and do.

It’s times like these, i wonder why i am trusted to lead these workshops.  i’m just as flawed as E/everyone else who takes them, and when i wrote them, i wrote them based on my ideal.  In a perfect world, if i wasn’t so dumb and gullible, this is how i would conduct myself…

And i fall short of that standard so much, it’s almost ridiculous.

Shape || Mine
Head || Genus Head Classic Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Body || Body Legacy f (v1.1) | The Shops/The Mesh Project
* Skin || Vixy Skin (Tone 008) | Glam Affair | Anthem
– Anthem closed today, however this should be available in the mainstore soon.
* Eyeshadow || Sweet Allure Eyeshadow | Pout | Salon 52 | recent!
Lipstick || Wet Kiss 10 | IDTTY Faces
– It’s important to note here that while the Genus version does come with a BOM layer for the lipsticks, they currently do not lay properly on the face.  i have notecarded the Designer’s CSR about this and thusfar have received no reply, and have not heard anything about an update being provided.  i cannot confirm whether or not the BOM layers work properly with the other heads available, as i only tried the Genus version.  What is pictured is the applier version, which works correctly.
Hair || Aura Hairstyle (Deluxe HUD) | Doux | Belle Event | recent!
* Top || Kylie Sweatshirt (Grey) | Nerido | Belle Event | recent!

Pose || Celestial 5 | FoxCity | Uber | new!

Backdrop Location || Backdrop Central

Blogging Tune || “I’ll Be Good” – Jaymes Young

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