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Confession .280. Just Let It Be, I’m In Recovery…

i know you wanna say you’re sorry
But i’ve already heard that story
i don’t wanna be your fool anymore…
Can’t you see i’m in recovery?

Confession .280.  Just Let It Be, I'm In Recovery...

Today i decided to do something a little bit different – record a video!  i dunno… why not?  E/everyone else and their brother in SL does this, and i just couldn’t find a good photo i liked until AFTER i recorded the video in order to do a traditional blog post, so i figured i’d give this a shot.  This is my first video, so play nice.  Scroll to the bottom beneath the credits where the ‘blogging tune’ is for the video!  Flickr wanted to be rude.

The only other time i’ve recorded videos in SL is when i used to record old dance routines, but i never edited them as a full-on processed video, just because i haven’t yet found a way to hide a HUD and yet be able to click it… and since you have to click at least one button in order to run a routine, instead you’re getting a bit of a ‘preview’ video for a routine i’m working on.

i’m kinda excited about the actual routine itself.  And i’m even a little excited, if not incredibly apprehensive, about putting this video out there.  i dunno how it’ll be received, but never know until you try, right?

Shape || Mine
Head || Genus Head Classic Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Body || Freya Body BENTO (v5.2) | Belleza
* Skin || Lady Skin (Tone 006) | Glam Affair | Belle Event
– i’m using the BOM layer for this skin, but it DOES come with appliers as well, for Genus.
* Face Freckles || Candycane Freckles 2 | MJN | Anybody | new!
* Eyeliner || Essentials | MJN
* Lipstick || Jinglebell Kisses G4 | MJN | Anybody | new!
Tattoo || Beautiful Tattoo | Dirty Secrets
Hair || Titania (Reds) | Sintiklia
* Top || SupaLonely Off-Shoulder Top | Vinyl | FaMESHed | new!
* Skirt || Genetics Tartan Skirt | Vinyl | FaMESHed | new!
– Each color has a tartan pattern and a solid version of that color (shown).
* Legwarmers || A Girl’s Thing Legwarmers | Cynful
– In the Fatpack of “A Girl’s Thing Jeggings”, there is a version of the legwarmers that can be worn alone!
* Surrounding Sparkles || Pixie Dust | Cynful
Nose Chain || Vera Nose Chain | Random Matter
Earring Hoops || Alexis Earrings (18k Gold) | e.marie

* Living Room Set Props || Tormenta Sofa Set | Heart Homes (Aphrodite)
* Closet Set Props || Homecoming Wardrobe Set | Heart Homes (Aphrodite)
Rain (from Dance Scene) || Simple Rain | Dysfunctionality

Dance Animation || Elastic 4 | Sync’d
– This particular animation is only available on their marketplace, but i’m linking you to their Mainstore for the rest of their awesome animations!

Blogging Tune || “Recovery” – LP

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