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Confession .273. It’s Funny How The Warning Signs Can Feel Like They’re Butterflies…

It’s crazy when the thing you love the most is the detriment
Let that sink in…
You can think again
When the hand you wanna hold is a weapon and you’re nothing but skin…

Confession .273.  It's Funny How The Warning Signs Can Feel Like They're Butterflies...

i can’t anymore.  i just can’t.  The only reason i continue to is because i promised i wouldn’t just kinda… word-vomit it everywhere.  But why do people get to hurt and manipulate other people and still get exactly what they want?  Like… why is that ok?

Someone wise told me recently that Karma doesn’t work under pressure.  That the more you try to tell the Universe that someone should get what’s coming to them *right now*, the more She’s going to take Her sweet time.  And i get that… i truly do… patience is a virtue and all that.

But patience is a virtue that i sorely lack in certain situations.  Especially involving P/people i care about being manipulated, and other P/people i care about hurting.

i’m at my wit’s end here… i don’t know how much more i can take…

And just in case you’ve stumbled across this and are reading this… and have pulled your head out of your ass enough to know you’re who is being spoken about… i likely know far more than you think i know… i know much more than i’m supposed to know… and it might be to your benefit to start coming clean on your own…

You’ve seen how this goes before… you know the truth always comes out…

This will be the last i speak on it vaguely…

Shape || Mine
Head || Genus Baby Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Body || Freya Body BENTO (v5.2) | Belleza
Skin || Evy Skin (Cocoa Tone) | ItGirls
Eyes || Demon Eyes | Izzie’s
* Eyeshadow & Lip Blood || DeepCut Collection | MJN | recent!
* Hair || Genesis (Ombre) | Stealthic
Nosering || Indira Septum Piercing | Swallow
* Collar || Nightfall Descent | Tethered BDSM
* Necklace || Baital Necklace | Codex | Dark Style Fair | new!

Pose || Portrait 2m | FoxCity

Blogging Tune || “Graveyard” – Halsey

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