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Confession .271. Is It Too Soon To Know If It’s Too Soon To Say For Now?

Paint a picture in my brain, encapsulate the fleeting feeling
It ricochets, replace my pain ’til every trace is leaving
The nerve of autumn time days flying by, every sunrise healing me
And W/we’re okay, W/we’ll live this way ’til it’s done…

Confession .271.  Is It Too Soon To Know If It's Too Soon To Say For Now?

Been a minute, hasn’t it? If Y/you missed the craziness on Facebook… i, uh… broke my ankle in RL.  Yes, it was a stupid situation.  Yes, i’m clumsy and a klutz.  W/we can move on now.  Lol.  W/we’re beginning one of my favorite times of year… October.

Not just Halloween… but October in general.  There’s something about being spiritually connected to the Universe that makes October just feel like an era of positive growth and change.  And not always in myself.  Watching the cosmic karma catch up with the more wicked amongst U/us while those who truly pursue a path of self-improvement and elevation begin to reap the benefits of T/their hard work.

It’s truly a beautiful thing to watch.  If Y/you’re not normally an observant person, i encourage Y/you to take some time to pause this month, breathe, and just… watch.  As impatient as i get with it sometimes, the Universe continues to prove, “What goes around comes back around.”

In the words of an affirmation that has popped up for me today, “Just as the seasons change, i, too, am affected by the rhythms of the Universe.”

i know i don’t usually get real preachy here.  But seriously… pause… observe… Y/you might be surprised what the Universe allows Y/you to be privvy to.  ♥

Shape || Mine
Head || Genus Baby Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Body || Freya Body BENTO (v5.2) | Belleza
Eyes || Demon Eyes | Izzie’s
Skin || Elspeth Skin (Tone 7; regular cleavage; freckles) | Ritual
* Eyeshadow&Lipstick || Darkside | MJN | Hell’s Gate (opens 10/11) | new!
Hair || Agatha Hair (Monotone) | Doe | Salem | new!
* Top&Jacket || Candy Jacket & Top (Velvet Top) | Blueberry | recent!
* Jeans&Panties || Elias Jeans | Blueberry | recent!
Nose Ring || Indira Septum Ring | Swallow
* Collar || Nightfall Descent | Tethered BDSM

Pose || Candles in the Dark F01 | Amitie | Uber | recent!

Blogging Tune || “October” – Alessia Cara

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