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Confession .270. In Case You Don’t Live Forever, Let Me Tell You The Truth…

i’ve carried this song in my mind
Listen, it’s echoing in me
But i haven’t helped You to hear it…
We, we’ve only got so much time
i’m pretty sure it would kill me
If You didn’t know the pieces of me are pieces of You…

Confession .270.  In Case You Don't Live Forever, Let Me Tell You The Truth...

This is one of those existential crisis type posts.  So if you’re not down to listen to somewhat angry, somewhat frantic rambling, then scroll to the bottom for Y/your credits and i’ll see Y/you next time.  Lol.  To the rest of Y/you: Hello.  And i’m sorry in advance.

i used to be obsessed with masks in SL, around the the time i started modeling.  Maybe it was the challenge behind making one fit and look like it was actually ‘on’ your face, in a realm of Second Life where prims are expected to be edited ‘perfectly’… maybe it was the ornate decor that was always ‘different’ than your typical, ‘boring’, “Haute-couture-fashion-with-basic-makeup” style that Y/you usually see on an SL runway anymore.  i couldn’t bear to keep myself in those boxes most of the time, so masks and other little unique accessories were my go-to.

But tonight, while i was styling up with a gorgeous, intricate mask, it occurred to me that these are also the objects W/we use to hide.  Not just masks in the most obvious sense, but in everything that W/we dress up O/our little SL-barbie-dolls with.  W/we use it to hide who W/we really are.

i’m not the first P/person to not look exactly like my avi.  i’m not the first P/person to change her skin and her hair every few days on a whim.  i’m not the first P/person to create ideals within a virtual presence, i’m sure.  And i certainly won’t be the last.

And in some cases, this being who W/we aren’t is ok.  Is it detrimental to my interpersonal relationships that Tivi as an avi is much skinnier than the RL person behind her?  No.  Or that her hair is (normally) red while mine isn’t as red as i’d like as often as i’d like?  Also no.

But where W/we run into problems is when P/people use the anonymity provided by the platform of Second Life to hide the negative, toxic aspects of T/their personality.  And then suck other P/people in with this fictitious P/person that W/we want so desperately to believe in.  Only to shatter the illusion and break a very real P/person, heart and all.

That is where SL can get downright disgusting.

And i’ve seen it more times than i can count.

i’m watching it now… Someone who thinks They have everyone fooled.  But i suppose what They don’t know, or what They are in denial about, is that not E/everyone drank Their Koolaid.  Enough of U/us know who They really are… to make sure that E/everyone else who needs to know, knows, should it become necessary.

i’m also watching it now, from a distance, sucker in someone who used to be a good friend, family even.  i’m watching the fictitious, ‘perfect’ image take them back to their Abuser under the guise of “I’ve changed!”

Let me tell Y/you… a tiger doesn’t change its stripes.  And neither does a weasel.

Shape || Mine
Head || Genus Baby Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Body || Lara Body (v4.1) | Maitreya
Skin || Elspeth Skin (Tone 7; regular cleavage; freckles) | Ritual
Lipstick || Glazed Kisses | MJN | new!
Hair || Sultry Hair (Misc. HUD) | Stealthic | Collabor88 | new!
Dress || Dolores Dress (Snow) | Moon Amore | The Arcade Gacha | recent!
– This dress and other Moon Amore items in this post are part of the “Ethereal Time” gacha for The Arcade.  It is a Maitreya exclusive, which is why i had to switch bodies for this post.  Sorry ladies.  😦
Mask || Decima Mask (Silver) | Moon Amore | The Arcade Gacha | recent!
Septum Ring || Indira Septum Ring | Swallow
Necklaces || Mystical Stars Necklace (Silver) | Kibitz | Collabor88 | new!
Arms || Chronos Arms & Chronos Hands | Moon Amore | The Arcade Gacha | recent!
Body Glitter || Stripper Body Dust | Cynful

Pose || Power 6m | Foxcity | Saturday Sale 9/14!
– Currently on sale for L$75 for Saturday Sale on 9/14/19!  (Also, left arm edited with AnyPose.)

Blogging Tune || “In Case You Don’t Live Forever” – Ben Platt

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