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Confession .264. I Wish That You Could See The Pain That I’ve Seen…

i’m trying my best, i’m trying my best to be ok
i’m trying my best, but every day it’s so hard
i’m holding my breath
i’m holding my breath til i can say all of the words i want to say
From my heart…

Confession .264.  I Wish That You Could See The Pain That I've Seen...

There isn’t a lot that i get to say about this.  There isn’t a lot that it would even be my place to say.  But i do have a few things…

So few truly understand the depth of what happened here.  And yet E/everyone walks around with this sort of… arrogant smugness… that T/they understand everything… and look at T/them, T/they’re being the bigger P/person!  W/we should all just pat T/them on the back…

Or even worse are the O/ones who believe that how one person chose to handle the situation should mean it is “easy” for the rest of U/us to just… get over it.

That’s… not how this works.  That’s not how any of this works.

P/people get to feel however T/they damn well please… and T/they get to take as long as T/they need or want to in order to get to whatever place is best for T/them and T/their healing.

It’s funny how P/people want to dictate A/another’s process… but the moment T/they, T/themselves go through something… T/they will want E/everyone to back off and leave T/them alone. Right?  Isn’t that how it always works?

There have been some heartbreaking decisions made lately – and being the person i am i just want to scoop E/everyone up that has been affected by this truly vile person and just… i don’t even know.  Make it better?  Absorb T/their pain?  i don’t know… for as often as i feel like a burden on other P/people, i guess i just want to help T/them feel better.

But i know T/they have to go about that in T/their own way.  T/they have to heal from T/their own traumas on T/their own, and all i can do is be there for T/them.

But that makes me hate this person more… that they could consciously do this to P/people they claimed to care about.

There is a special place in Hell for people like you.  And you think you’ve already gotten your karma?  The Universe hasn’t even gotten started with you yet…

Shape || Mine
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Skin || Olive Applier (Basic Line; Tone 006) | Glam Affair
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* Neon Sign || Ruin Me Neon | Stockholm & Lima
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– Slight Modification to the right leg (closest to the camera) to avoid clipping of the stockings.

Blogging Tune || “Trying My Best” – Anson Seabra

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