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Confession .261. Trust Me When I Tell You Not To Touch Me…

Our chemistry’s irrefutable
And i’ll love You til You die…
i’ll come to Your funeral
But i won’t promise to cry…

Confession .261.  Trust Me When I Tell You Not To Touch Me...

i’m avoiding talking about Azuri.  Hate me for it if Y/you want to, but i will talk about it when i’m ready – and i’m just not quite ready yet.

But in avoiding talking about Azuri, i’m also avoiding talking about pretty much anything else.  i’ve been kinda a mess in SL, hiding out by myself in my garden, going to events only when required and usually flaking out early, or right at the end, without warning.  Throwing myself head first into anything i am allowed to work on/help with, just to keep myself busy.

Because, Y/you know, the Person i’m supposed to be able to lean on in this time has just disappeared… thanks for that.

i don’t have the energy for decorum.  i don’t have the patience for niceties.  i don’t have the emotional fortitude to smile and nod in E/everyone’s face while inside i’m screaming.  i just… don’t.  Not right now.

Maybe it will get better eventually.

Shape || Mine
Head || Genus Head Baby Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Body || Lara Body (v4.1) | Maitreya
Skin || Monica Skin (Tan Tone) | MILA
* Eye Makeup || Rough Night | Veechi
Hair || Bella Hair | Magika
Dress || Ari Sweatshirts (Bitch – Noir) | e.marie | Kustom9 | new!
Fishnets || Carolina Heels (Black) | Candydoll
Bindi || Indira Face Jewellry | Swallow
Facemask || Respirator (Black) | ATTIC | Kustom9 | new!
Rings || Free Spirit Rings | Yummy
Nails || Ballerina 1 Nails | Formanails

Backdrop || Mixed Feels | FoxCity

Pose || POSES // 141 | MILA

Blogging Tune || “Pillowcase” – Gabbie Hanna

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