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Confession .258. You Like Broken Girls Cause They Make You Feel Put Together…

You love em sick, dig up all the ugly shit
Then You offer up Your remedy
Your tightened lips never let Your secrets slip
Your repressed memories aren’t impressing me…

Confession .258.  You Like Broken Girls Cause They Make You Feel Put Together...

i sat down last night with every intention of listening to Gabbie Hanna’s 2WayMirror EP all the way through.  i warned Y/you all i would be all about it when it came out, and to expect posts with the songs.  The problem is, i started listening to this first song and it wound up on repeat all night… so i still haven’t heard any of the rest of the album!

i’m the kind of person that places a heavy emphasis on the lyrics of a song.  So even if the beat isn’t my thing, or the artist isn’t one i particularly enjoy, if there are good lyrics to a song, i’m all for it.  In this case, however, this is an artist that i absolutely love for her raw and real approaches to difficult subjects through song AND the lyrics hit me right in the feels.

The first listen through left me sitting here like, “Girl, did we date the same person?  Cause have i got a story for you…”

There is a difference between the *healthy* type of Sadism… the kind practiced within a well-managed D/s dynamic between two consenting, mentally healthy I/individuals… and then the narcissistic type of sociopathic bullshit trying to disguise itself as Sadism.

There are Men, and Women, who will sit in the shadows and just lurk… and watch… and wait for those girls that are too down on themselves to realize the difference, or even care if they’ve found themselves in the latter situation.  After all, it’s attention, positive or negative, and it’s easier to convince yourself that the negative attention you’re receiving is actually the positive attention you want if you pretend hard enough.

But eventually you always see it for what it truly is.  And then you have a choice to make… do you keep accepting the mental anguish because it’s better than nothing at all… or do you step away and make a valiant attempt at keeping your dignity in tact?

i suppose i wasn’t quite as broken as You thought…

Shape || Mine
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Skin || Alison Skin (Tone 007) | Glam Affair
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* Running Mascara || Rough Night Shadow | Veechi
* Lipstick || May Group Gift | MJN | free group gift!
Hair || Olivia Hair | Magika
* Top || One Sleeve Knot Top | Cynful
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Blogging Tune || “Broken Girls” – Gabbie Hanna

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