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Confession .257. Maybe I Like To Hurt Sometimes…

i’m bracin for impact, leave my heart intact
i wish You never came around
New situation with low expectations
You still managed to let me down…

Confession .257.  Maybe I Like To Hurt Sometimes...

If Y/you’ve been here for any length of time, you know i’m an absolute stan for Gabbie Hanna, and she’s releasing a new EP tomorrow (5/31).  Recently she released a video that was a behind-the-scenes of her songwriting process, and this is the song that came from that.  (A few that got the EP early, i assume in other timezones, have posted it to Youtube, but i believe an official music video is dropping tomorrow with the EP.)

Have Y/you ever gone into a situation just knowing that it wasn’t gonna work out/knowing it was a bad idea… yet something inside Y/you was just saying, “Do it… try it…”?  i have… plenty of times… and it’s those times in my life that this song speaks to.

Especially the Bridge at the end (quoted without repeats): “Butterflies will break Y/your heart.  But if i knew from the start why would i give this a try?  Maybe i like to hurt sometimes.”  Oof, i felt that deep in my damn soul.

But that tends to happen to me a lot with Gabbie’s music.

She’s said this EP was written about/inspired by her ex… so i can only imagine the depth of some of these lyrics that are coming up, and tbh i’m here for it!  E/everyone’s doing their break-up albums lately it seems.  And by E/everyone i mean two Independent artists i listen to that happen to release breakup EPs around the same time.

But, again, i’m here for it.  Despite being happy in my current relationship, i’ve always related to the deeper and the darker kind of music.

Why do you think most of my dances in Gor involve death?  lol  i’m a dark bitch… some of Y/you just never get to see that.

Anyway… expect a slew of Gabbie Hanna songs in the upcoming blogposts after the EP releases.  Cause i suspect they’re all going to be amazing.

At least i’ll have music inspiration!  ♥

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– This is a 50L Friday version of the top that is no longer available.  HOWEVER, if you like the style of the top, then you can still go to the store and purchase the Evie Crop Top, as that is the design this was based on. ♥
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– For the month of June i am a guest in the Foxwood Blogger Group as a result of their new monthly contest on social media.  i was randomly selected from hundreds that liked, commented, and shared their VIP giveaway post, and i am very grateful for the opportunity.  i know i am not obligated to blog the things i receive from this group during the month, but you may see more of this wonderful Designer’s creations in upcoming post as a thank you for their generosity!  (This prize is also while you’ll see Foxwood items over the month of June denoted with the “*” i usually give to Designers i have a partnership with, because technically these are not items i purchased myself and i want to always remain objective.) ♥

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Blogging Tune || “Butterflies” – Gabbie Hanna

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