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Confession .256. I Swear To God When I Come Home, I’ll Never Let Go…

And i need You to know that W/we’re falling so fast
W/we’re falling like the stars – falling in love
And i’m not scared to say those words, with You i’m safe
W/we’re falling like the stars – falling in love…

Confession .256.  I Swear To God When I Come Home, I'll Never Let Go...

You mayyyy already know what this is… but… hear me out anyway.  *giggles*

If you’ve been around this blog for at least a year, you might know that i tried this once before and it ultimately didn’t work out when my ex left SL.  But if you’re newer here, let me explain…

i’ve been in SL since 2008 and if there’s something that didn’t change for a looooong time it was the fact that i found prim babies creepy.  i couldn’t understand the appeal, and they genuinely made me uneasy.  Now, granted, 2008 SL design quality being what it is, even those of you that like prim babies probably would’ve found the babies of that time creepy.  They’ve certainly gotten better as technology and skill-levels have improved.

However about 2-3 years ago or so i sat in my doctor’s office in RL while he tried to explain to me what Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome was… and that it likely explained a myriad of until then seemingly-unrelated health conditions i was dealing with… but that it also meant i would have fertility issues should i ever choose to try to get pregnant.

It wasn’t until a little bit later that i sat in a different doctor’s office and listened to her explain the intricacies of how PCOS works, and because of that, at my current age, i could very well be out of eggs already… and be unable to conceive ‘naturally’.  i would need some tests to know for sure however.

To this day, i haven’t gotten those tests.  Something about not knowing means that i can still hope for some left.  i don’t think i could handle her looking me in the face and telling me i missed my shot.

But with all of that, my views on pregnancy and ‘prim babies’ in SL in general have slowly started to morph into a curiosity.  Before trying this the first time, i sat down with my then-Master/Husband and W/we discussed what i could gain from pregnancy in SL.  He had His own kids in RL and went in from the get-go that He likely wouldn’t be emotionally attached to the process at all, but He would be willing to try with me, to see if i could get anything out of it.

i should have known then that i shouldn’t have tried it, and i should’ve waited.  i should have waited for Someone who would be genuinely excited about the experience as i would be.

But something about having that choice taken from me in RL – being deprived of the opportunity to choose for myself if and when i wanted to have children of my own filled me with some sense of urgency to try it in SL and see if i could possible feel any kind of emotional catharsis from the experience.  i just… had to know.

However, despite my rushed decision the first time, the Universe has blessed me a second time, with Someone in my life now who wasn’t going to simply go along with it begrudgingly for my own benefit.  Master seems genuinely excited that W/we are expecting, and i swear the power of suggestion is a real thing… i feel like a hormonal mess and the pregnancy is only virtual!  -laughs-

As for why i chose this outfit?  i’m a cheeky little shit.  My HUD is just about to tick to being 7 weeks along, and at 7 weeks pregnant your baby is the size of… you guessed it… a BLUEBERRY.  So who else’s fabulous creation could i take this photo in but Blue’s new dress at Uber.  Whether it was 7 weeks or not, though, i likely would’ve chosen one of Blue’s designs for this immensely important photo, because her quality is unmatched.

Thank you in advance to E/everyone in my life who will stand beside U/us as W/we take this journey together.  And thank you in advance to E/everyone who doesn’t get it, but also won’t insult U/us for O/our choices.  Your support, active or passive, is so appreciated.

Shape || Mine
Head || Genus Head Baby Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Body || Lara Body (v4.1) | Maitreya
Skin || Alison Skin (Tone 007) | Glam Affair
* Eyeshadow || SmokedOut Shadow | MJN
* Lipstick || FoxyGloss | MJN | Level Event (opens 5/30) | new!
* Hair || Teila Hair (Multitone 1) | Truth Hair | Jan 2018 VIP hair
* Dress || Moki Dress | Blueberry | Uber | new!
Bracelets || Love Bracelets & Rings | AvaWay
– Rings have been hidden with the alpha option in the HUD
Rings || Ouija Ring Set | Yummy

Pose || New Dad and Mom Soon | MB

Location || Home

— If A/anyone is curious about anything Master is wearing, please reach out and i will find out from Him for Y/you. —

Blogging Tune || “Falling Like The Stars” – James Arthur

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