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Confession .255. I’m The Bad Guy, Duh…

So You’re a tough Guy, like it really rough Guy
Just can’t get enough Guy, chest always so puffed Guy
i’m that bad type, make Your mama sad type
Make Your girlfriend mad type, might seduce Your Dad type
i’m the bad guy… duh…

WLRP BDAY 2019 PHOTO CONTEST - Tiviyah Resident

i used to be really into photo contests, especially as i was actively working my ass off to make my photos into something i was proud of.  Now that i’m usually satisfied with the outcome of most of my photos, i’ve allowed my competitive nature to settle the hell down.  i only enter things when i’m inspired – like last year when i put a photo into the Swallow Ears contest… it’s still one of my favorite photos i’ve done in the last little bit.

So i wasn’t planning to enter this contest until i took a walk through the event and heard this song on the radio last night.  Lol.

i find inspiration in the strangest places.  Some of y’all are gonna listen to this song and be like, “Wtf is this?”  That’s fine.  If you think it’s weird, watch the video and it’ll really make you tilt your head.  Haha.  But that’s Billie Eilish for you.

However, hearing these lyrics, i immediately had the picture in my head i know i wanted to take.  i knew these crystals were at the event, and i’d seen some people pop them around in their environment, because glowy crystals are always pretty for stuff like that, but i knew i wanted to do something different with them.

This “fuck you, but no really, fuck you” smirk is exactly what i pictured in my head, and i laughed for a solid 5 minutes when i was done editing and uploaded it in-world.  It’s just something that’s so… me… but at the same time so far removed from what i usually do.

i’ve seen some amazing photos in the group, and so i’m almost sure i won’t wind up in the Top 3 of the contest itself, but this photo stretched the limits of my creativity and inspiration and was overall just something really fun to do.  Plus, it gave me a new in-world profile picture for a bit, so there’s always that.  Haha.

i think y’all still have until May 29th, if you want to enter the contest.  Have fun and happy editing!  ♥

Shape || Mine
Head || Genus Head Baby Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Skin || Alison Skin (Tone 007) | Glam Affair
Eyes || Zucc Eyes | Avi-Glam
Eyeshadow || SmokedOut Shadow | MJN
Lipstick || Vice Matte | MJN
Facial Marks || Ritual Face Tatts | Rainbow Sundae | We ♥ Roleplay | recent!
Hair || Keira Hair | Magika
Septum&Lip Piercing || His Queen Bento Face Set | PKC | We ♥ Roleplay | recent!
Collar || Simone Bow Collar | RealEvil Industries
Nails || Ballerina 1 Nails | Formanails
Rings || Ouija Ring Set | Yummy
Crystal || Lyna Crystal v2 (Pure; manually tinted) | Runic | We ♥ Roleplay | recent!

Pose || Look Back and Blow A Kiss | NotBadForAPose

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Bad Guy” – Billie Eilish

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