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Confession .248. The House Don’t Fall When The Bones Are Good…

When the bones are good, the rest don’t matter
Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter
Let it rain ’cause you and I remain the same…

Confession .248.  The House Don't Fall When The Bones Are Good...

i had written a completely different blog post for this… like, picked a song, took the photo, wrote the whole post out, had the credits… and then i paused… and changed everything.  i’m much happier with what this says now, and i think it’s a much better post for a day like today.

i still remember the first Blueberry piece i bought.  In fact, i went back in my inventory to see if i still have it, and i do!  “Blueberry IO *Mesh* Cropped Tops & Full Tops Striped Purplex”.  Purchased February 22nd, 2014.  Back before mesh bodies, but when Lola boobs were all the rage – Blue was making standard sized mesh with Lola appliers for her tops and STILL, back then, thought to include multiple styles in her releases to please as many of her customers as possible.

Back then, not a lot of my friend group at the time had heard of Blueberry.  But from that very first purchase that i wore ALL the time, i always got questions.  “Omg who made that top?”  “Omg where did you get that shirt?”  Her quality was evident even from then.  i remember specifically purchasing it in purple because i was trying to impress a Man i was interested in, as i knew He enjoyed the color… and Blue’s shade of Purple was perfect.

Not that i ended up in that relationship, but the color was gorgeous nonetheless!  lolol.

Now keep in mind, i’d been ‘blogging’ (i use that term loosely for the beginning! lol) since February of 2013, so i’d been ‘blogging’ for about a year at that point, but no one had really ever cared to ask what i was wearing before.  It was Blue’s creations that first made P/people take notice – as crazy as that sounds, it was like i blended in to the crowd before.  The same Truth and Magika hair as everyone else, the same everything, really.  It wasn’t until i brought Blueberry to my friend group at the time that they’re like, “Ooo where is that from?”

And thus started my long-standing obsession with Blue’s designs.

i’ve been a pretty consistent purchaser since then, watched her move to mesh bodies coupled with standard sizes – which was great for me, because my first mesh body was the WowMeh, before it went away.  So i could still wear her standard sizes and alpha out, until i finally broke down and got my Maitreya body.  i’ll be honest, when i looked at which mesh body to get at the time, i looked at what Blue was designing for.  i wanted a body that would be good and would continue to update, but i didn’t want to give up my Blueberry clothes.  Lol.  i still do that to this day – if something new comes out, i look to see if Blue will start designing for it.  If it’s not popular enough in the public eye or intriguing enough to her personally to make her break down and make a size for it, i don’t bother to try.

Call me a sheep all you like, but i’ll happily follow a hard-working person like Blue to the ends of the virtual universe.  lol.

i also remember applying to blog for Blueberry when i finally buckled down and got serious about this blog.  Blue was one of the first people i knew of who was really SWEET to everyone who applied for her.  We all received responses, whether it was acceptance or denial, and i even remember at least once, those of us who were denied were sent a GIFT, just for applying.  An exclusive set of patterns in a dress, that only the bloggers who applied during that round would have.

Those kinds of responses to even having to reject someone as a blogger is part of what shaped my responses to bloggers when they apply for things i manage.  Those of you who have ever been ‘rejected’ by me know that i send a notecard to everyone, accepted or not, and that the notecard for those who were not accepted still includes encouragement to apply again in the future, and even some tips and tricks to follow that might help you improve as a blogger or in ‘marketing’ your blog.  You can thank Blue and her kindness towards everyone for motivating me to try and help those that i have to deny.

But the day i was finally accepted as a Blueberry blogger… whew girl!  i was standing at the Scarlet Creative mainstore as she was rebuilding it, and i got a notecard from Sophia, followed by a group invite and i remember being in a voice call with my then-bestie and i just stopped talking.  Like… full on went silent.  i’m getting, “Tivi?  Tivi?  Danni?  Are you ok?  Hello?”  Like, pulled out the RL name and everything… lol… and before she knew it i was crying.  Of course, knowing her, her first reaction was, “Who do i need to kick in the face?” but i explained no no… no kicking anyone in the face… that i’d just gotten accepted to blog for Blueberry.

i CRIED.  Like… i know some of you might think it’s silly to place worth in yourself or your work in the hands of other people, but Blueberry had been at the top of my Blogger Bucket List along with a couple other brands for years… and so to finally reach that point where they saw who i was, and thought i was someone worth taking a chance on?  i was beyond ecstatic.

And i continue to remain just as dumbfounded every day that i receive a new release.  Blueberry as a brand has been with me through so much – so many changes, so many things – and they haven’t given up on me yet.  i am and always will be forever grateful to them for the opportunity that i have, and will continue to work my ass off to do her designs the justice they deserve.

Blueberry turns SEVEN, guys!  Seven years of designing.  And some of you will scroll back to the beginning of this post and notice my first purchase of hers was in 2014, just 5 years ago, so even i missed her first 2 years of designing.  There are so many amazing things going on at the store right now, including this new release as a FATPACK for just L$450.  That’s right… a Fatpack with all the amazing solid color options, Patterns, Matching Belts and Standard belts, allll for just L$450.  But… that isn’t all…

If you’re in the Blueberry group, there is an attachment in the group notices that will grant you L$250 in store credit, good for 28 days, just as a thank you for being so supportive of Blueberry for these last 7 years and for continuing to be such in the future.

ALSO, everything in the store (except the latest 3 releases) is 50% off for the next 4 days!  So now is your chance to stock up on any Blueberry you’re missing… and if you follow Blueberry on Social Media, you could receive an additional L$7,000 to help you in your shopping spree!  See the additional information in the credits section below on how to enter to win 1 of 7 giftcards each worth L$7,000.

All in all, this is a giant thank you and congratulations to Blueberry on an amazing 7 years – and here’s to many many more!

Shape || Mine
Head || Genus Head Baby Face W001 (v1.6) | Genus Project
Body || Lara Body (v4.1) | Maitreya
Skin || Indigo Skin (Golden Tone) | L’Etre
Hair || Intrepid (Ombres) | Stealthic
* Dress || 7th Birthday Sundress | Blueberry | new!
– As promised, here is your information on the social media giveaway: A total of 7 winners will be selected to win giftcards, valued at L$7,000 each! You can click HERE for the post on Facebook to love and share, or HERE for the photo on Flickr to fave and comment.  Make sure you do this ASAP, as winners will be chosen on Monday, April 22nd!
Collar || Abide Collar | Cae

Backdrop || Photo Booth Cherry Blossom (w/ Trees and Sun) | FoxCity

Pose || Breather Vol 3-1 | FoxCity

Location || Backdrop City

Blogging Tune || “The Bones” – Maren Morris

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