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Confession .238. And I Hope It Hurts Like Hell…

i know i’m messing up Your mind…
The Devil got You good this time…
And i hope it hurts like hell…

Confession .238.  And I Hope It Hurts Like Hell...

Some know what’s coming… some have no idea… either way, welcome.  ♥

To Whom It May Concern:

i’ve said it before, but i never thought i’d have to say it about You.  Human beings have the capacity to decimate each other in ways i don’t understand.  i can’t physically wrap my mind around what would motivate someone to hurt another person so much, so needlessly.  i don’t know if You’re driven by greed, by “ooo shiny” syndrome, some combination of the two, or if You’re genuinely just a sociopathic inbred twat that possesses absolutely zero empathy.

Of course, it’s no longer my problem which You are, You know?

i had here a list of things that i knew for certain about You, despite not understanding that fundamental thing i just mentioned… however, in speaking about some of your fatal flaws, it didn’t feel like ‘me’.  It didn’t feel like me to drag You down like that, even if every single thing i typed was true – including Your lies, Your manipulation, and Your deluded thinking about the first time W/we started talking… but to go into detail just didn’t feel right.  It didn’t feel like me.

And so i deleted it.  All of it.  You’re welcome.

This blog is usually my safe space to be able to type whatever the hell i’m feeling at the moment… rant and rave, gush and ramble… whatever it is… however, You won’t get the better of me.  Not this time.

i’ll simply leave it all up to Karma.  Cause You’ve got more than a little bit coming.  i can only hope that the Universe blesses me enough to allow me to see it when it comes back around.

And i truly do hope it hurts like hell.  ♥

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Blogging Tune || “Hurts Like Hell” – Madison Beer

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