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Confession .228. I Didn’t Notice, Cause My Love Was Blind

i said i’d catch You if You fall
And if They laugh, then fuck ’em all
And then i got You off Your knees
Put You right back on Your feet
Just so You could take advantage of me…

Confession .228.  I Didn't Notice, Cause My Love Was Blind...

Decor and i aren’t usually friends, but it’s been mentioned to me that i should show what i can do (or, rather, what i attempt to do) with decor from time to time in here.  At one point, i had given myself a goal to improve in this area, and i guess i just gave up on it, or i lost track of it, or i didn’t have the time to push myself as hard as necessary, or some combination of those things and others.  But here i am, giving it a shot again, i suppose.

A particular Person of my past has been on my mind lately, brought there by this song… and i’m not exactly sure why.

Ok, i lied… i know why… i just don’t know why my brain doesn’t just move past it like it usually does.  My memories of this Person are usually fleeting, at best… they rarely stick around and occupy space in my head anymore.  But lately, They have.

And, frankly, it’s irritating me to no end.

i hate that i seem to have this inability to control just who has power over me that i didn’t give Them.  Like, i did at one point, but it’s not Theirs anymore.  They either squandered it, or somehow else broke my trust in Them in as much as i took it back.  Or, in some cases, both.  Those are the worst.

And those are the ones doing laps in my brain right now.  Of course.

When it rains, it pours, i guess.

i just keep trying to push it to the back of my mind.  There’s too much in the present to worry about… with hunt stuff and RL school… to allow myself to be occupied in my past.  After all, it’s there for a reason, right?

i suppose that’s ultimately what this photo represents – kinda the chaos in my head right now.  Trying to be a normal, everyday person… and the stresses of school… but it’s all still chaos, with little pieces of my heart sewn in between the everyday.

Mmk, so.  Usually when i credit in here, i’ll list what something is, and then what it’s called.  Like, “Dress – Susie Dress (Teal)”.  In this case, with all the different furniture and clutter, i’m just going to list what everything is called and where it’s from.  i dont need to tell you it’s a book, you can very clearly see that.  *laughs*  i hope this list isn’t too terribly confusing.

Kitchen Isle | LAQ Decor
Bar Stool (x2) | LAQ Decor
Poppy Seed Loaves | Apple Fall
Homemade Soup Bag of Groceries (Pattern A) | Dust Bunny
Homemade Soup Bag of Groceries (Pattern B) | Dust Bunny
Autumn Preserves | Apple Fall
Loose Heart String w/ Scissors (x2) | Apple Fall
Rolling Pins Assorted | Apple Fall
Forest Place Setting A (x2) | Bazar
Homemade Soup Mug of Soup | Dust Bunny
Liberty Sketchbook | Apple Fall
Open Book | Apple Fall
Tabletop Plants Pink Peony (Gold) | Dust Bunny
At Home Baking Bag of Sugar | Dust Bunny
At Home Baking Cutting Lemons | Dust Bunny
At Home Baking Butter | Dust Bunny
At Home Baking Lemon Juice | Dust Bunny
At Home Baking Frosting Bowl | Dust Bunny
At Home Baking Lemon Cake | Dust Bunny
At Home Baking Lemon Plant | Dust Bunny
Kitchen Cabinet & Gas Stove | LAQ Decor
Pan Rack | Apple Fall
At Home Baking Cake Tin | Dust Bunny
Homemade Soup Pot of Soup (Copper) | Dust Bunny
Homemade Soup Bowls Holder | Dust Bunny
Homemade Soup Prep Board | Dust Bunny
Kitchen Cabinet & Dishwasher | LAQ Decor
Homemade Summer Treats Recipe Book | Dust Bunny
Ceramic Bowls | Apple Fall
Tabletop Plants Fiddle Leaf Branch | Dust Bunny
Kitchen Cabinet | LAQ Decor
Fridge & Freezer | LAQ Decor

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Without Me” – Halsey

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