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Confession .227. And When You Move, I’m Moved…

You are a call to motion
There, all of You, a verb, in perfect view
Like Jonah on the Ocean
When You move, i’m moved…

Confession .227.  And When You Move, I'm Moved...

i would apologize for my absence, but i think y’all are used to my flighty muse by now.  i haven’t forgotten the promise of a second Venom post!  That outfit is still saved… but i need to wait on it for a minute… cause…

i need Motivation.
i need Inspiration.
i need Determination.
i need Preservation.
i need Caffeine.

i need to stop using Caffeine to function.

i need Acceptance – of self and from Others.
i need Understanding.
i need Patience – from self and from Others.
i need Answers.

i need to stop questioning Everything and Everyone so much.

i need Love – from self and from Others.
i need Companionship.

i need to get the hell off my Platform more often.

And i need to scream these things at the top of my lungs, because for so long i’ve let myself be retro-actively under a Man’s thumb that didn’t seek to hear the Needs of Another and instead sought only mindless devotion.  i stopped requesting my needs be met and instead assumed they weren’t worth it.

And i carried that forward into attempting to build a foundation that cracked before the cement even dried.  Because i couldn’t bring myself to ask for things i needed – and instead let them build up until…

Well, Y/you know the drill.

So i need these things.
And i need to say i need these things.
Because never again will i be shunned into silence and made to believe my Needs don’t matter.

Thank You for making me examine myself and what baggage i was bringing to You.
Hopefully i can start to repair the Foundation, and build it right this time.

Shape || Mine
* Head || Blueberry Head (v3.2) | Catwa
Body || Lara Body (v4.1) | Maitreya
Skin || Miranda Skin (Mixedtype Tone) | Deetalez
* Hair || Beatrix Hair (Redhead) | Truth Hair | recent!
* Top&Jacket || Julia Jackets | Blueberry | new – 25% off for Black Friday!
– These Jackets are HIGHLY customizeable, and i’m living for it!  i’m wearing the long length of the shirt, and one of the patterns for the shirt that reads “My path is different; it doesn’t mean I’m lost.”  Honestly, current mood.  And the jacket, i’m wearing the denim version.  These jackets come in Denim and Leather, and have print options for the shirt AND for the back of the jackets.  Mix and match, try things out, and have fun with it!
Earrings || Hoop Earrings Deluxe (Gold) | Soedara
– Tbh, these are incredibly old, so i can’t guarantee that they’re still in the store, but you should check out the store anyway!  Great medieval and Gorean roleplay clothing, and some of the best pre-mesh silks in existence.

Pose || Portrait 4 | FoxCity

Location || Netherwood

Blogging Tune || “Movement” – Hozier

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