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Confession .221. Who Knew Evil Girls Had The Prettiest Face?

i still see Your shadows in my room
Can’t take back the love that i gave You
It’s to the point where i love and i hate You
And i cannot change You so i must replace You…

Confession .221.  Who Knew Evil Girls Had The Prettiest Face?

i hadn’t written anything new, poetry-wise, since the Beyond the Rainbow event i read at during BOI Week… i’d started a few things but nothing that i never really finished until last night when i was journaling.  So this is another blog post where i’m going to cheat and show you what i journaled.  Some of you, while not D/s, may still relate to this… and D/s people, particularly submissives, may relate more deeply.

(Original work by harmony – written 10/17/18)

i just shared a video on Facebook with a spoken word poem and a promise to stop complaining so much about the little things when there are so many people with problems so much bigger than mine.

But give me two minutes to breach explicit limits and allow me to exhibit – before you prohibit – the last of these thoughts plaguing every rivet, every vivid image, threatening to mimic something that we – when it’s given – like to call… submission.

Because this bitch don’t know what she’s doing.
And she’s fucking it up for the rest of us.

Some of us knew from an earlier age, we were meant to engage in life lived from a cage, and this way… it could be perfect. Subservience seeking the Power to step up and Control it.

Some of us strive – and dare i say thrive… need it to survive – towards “wives should submit to their husbands”, kicked into overdrive. Acquiescence seeking Control to relinquish its Power to.

But this bitch… this bitch just wants to get laid.

And yet i, with a sigh, sit idly by and watch as this bitch whines her hips and has them all bewitched… and these “A Dominant has pride” Men… these “A Dominant employs strength” Men go weak in the knees, and with ease, she seeks to please only her own desires.

These “A Dominant is a ruler” Men sit upon Their Thrones of “to rule requires understanding”.
These “A Dominant criticizes, but never derides” Men spit upon and cast aside the likes of the one who could truly give of themselves to please…

But this bitch has Them charmed with ease.
And the rest are helpless to make Them see.
And so we sit among debris, waiting for the cycle to repeat – these bitches never miss a beat, you know that?

Allow me to reverse…
And assure You…
That i lack desire to subvert or coerce You into belief that this diverse culture of submission is anything less than beautiful.

The curse is worse than any adverse reaction i could expect to receive from You.

This bitch don’t know what she’s doing.
And she’s fucking it up for the rest of us.

Shape || Mine
Body || Lara Body (v4.1) | Maitreya
Skin || Miranda Skin (Mixedtype Tone) | Deetalez
Lipstick || Fall4You Lipstick | MJN
* Tattoo || Atusa (75% Opacity) | Letis Tattoo
* Hair
|| Aislin (Grayscale) | Truth Hair | Uber | recent!
* Bodysuit || Succubus Bodysuit RARE | The Forge | The Epiphany | new!
* Gloves || Succubus Gloves (Black) | The Forge | The Epiphany | new!
* Boots || Succubus Boots (Black) | The Forge | The Epiphany | new!
* Headpiece || Lillith Head Dress (Common #1) | Blueberry | The Epiphany | new!
Blindfold || Aurora Blindfold | Addams | group gift!
* Collar || Succubus Collar | The Forge | The Epiphany | new!
* Wings || Lillith Wings RARE (Black) | Blueberry | The Epiphany | new!
* Tail || Lillith Tail (Common Black) | Blueberry | The Epiphany | new!

* Spiderweb&Pose || Widowmakers Web | Stockholm&Lima | Red Light District | new!
Sign || Wish You Were Here Chart | Floorplan

Location || Elysion

Blogging Tune || “Lucid Dreams” – Juice Wrld

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