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Confession .218. Are We Too Far Gone?

Can we come back from this, Can we come back from this?
Put the pieces back where they belong
Can we come back from this, Can we come back from this?
Or are we too far gone?

Confession .218.  Are We Too Far Gone?

“I should have seen the warning, this heavy weight inside my chains.  I should have told You sooner.  Thought that I could wait instead.  Can we stay here together, waiting for answers, and figure out which way we should go?  Is it out of our hands?  Or do we still have a chance if we hold on til the last of our hope?”

This song was waiting for me today randomly on Youtube’s homepage. While I thoroughly disagree with much of how the algorithm works, it certainly got this one right.  I adore Svrcina’s voice ever since Nova turned me on to “Meet Me On The Battlefield”, and so to hear her perform this song gives a whole new powerful meaning behind the lyrics.

Oftentimes I communicate in music when my own words fail me.  Some people don’t understand this concept, because it’s not like music contains words that are so profound that I never would’ve found them myself… but there’s something about putting those simple words with music – especially something this powerful the way this whole song is laid out – that somehow communicates my feelings better for me than I can.

Talking about how I feel is something that’s actually hard for me.  Some of you are laughing, because I’m super long-winded most of the time… but I’m usually long-winded because I over-explain everything… because I have no idea if I’m communicating clearly or not.

Spring Awakening got it right with the line, “It’s the bitch of living.”

I get really angry at myself sometimes for not being able to communicate as clearly as I want to – because I feel like it comes at the detriment of at least a few good things in my life.  I’m trying to learn but… jesus… huma-ing is hard.

I’m trying though… I promise I am.

Shape || Mine
Body || Lara Body (v4.1) | Maitreya
Skin || Miranda Skin (Mixedtype Tone) | Deetalez
Eyes || Demon Eyes | Izzie’s | Salem | new!
Bloody Lips || Bloody Drops | Le Forme
* Hair || HoneyAna (Greyscale) | Truth Hair | updated VIP gift!
* Dress || Rebecca Dress | Just Because
Collar || Anya Collar | Salt & Pepper
* Tattoo || Wafa MM18008 | Letis Tattoo

Backdrop || Maze of Diamonds Backdrop | SAYO | former Epiphany Exclusive (unavailable)
* Tapestry || Black Spell Tapestry (Violet) | Kraftwork | Builder’s Box | new!
* Table || Black Spell Table | Kraftwork | Builder’s Box | new!
* Papers || Black Spell Rolling Papers | Kraftwork | Builder’s Box | new!
* Crystal Ball || Conjure Black Magic Crystal Ball | Dahlia | Builder’s Box | new!
* Large Center Candle || Black Spell Purple Candle | Kraftwork | Builder’s Box | new!
* Smaller Candles || Black Spell Candles | Kraftwork | Builder’s Box | new!

Pose&Knife || Cute But Psycho 2 | FoxCity

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Too Far Gone” – Hidden Citizens ft. Svrcina

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