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Confession .211. I Light The Match To Taste The Heat…

I ride the edge, my speed goes in the red
Hot blood, these veins, my pleasure is their pain
I love the watch the castles burn
These golden ashes turn to dirt

Confession .211.  I Light The Match To Taste The Heat...

I feel like I should apologize for the dark place my head has been lately – but at the same time I feel like I shouldn’t… because it’s not a new thing, my mind has always been this twisted… it’s just… finally coming out to play?  And not all darkness is bad, so… there’s that.  ♥

(Original work by Harmony Havana Snow – written 9/10/18)

Breathe In…

My ears have been ringing for days – synapses frayed – sleep delayed – mind trying to persuade me to just… give in.

Uncertainty painted, brush dipped in the sin of my essence, for any moment of Her presence I’m blessed with feels like an eternity between… aching offering on trembling fingers, to be painted in such a way that is pleasing to Her

But Who could accept such an imperfect vessel?

Beating heart throbs in my head, pounding a rhythm that quickens and slows, directly correlated to how near I am. Not near to Her, but near to the idea of Her – to the thought of Her. Nearer to the desire to simply fall free and remain here indefinitely.

Close enough to the fire to feel its warmth – but not close enough to be burned just yet.

I can’t speak. Tongue tied in vicious knots, a tricky ploy from the Universe that seeks to destroy everything before me in a single moment…

I don’t know if I can bear to watch it fall away.

Choked out words of incomplete confession, hopeful for some kind of progression, taken as possession solely at Her discretion… Why can’t I breathe? Why do these thoughts begin to consume me?


Breathe Out…

Shape || Mine
Body || Freya Body (v5.0) | Belleza
Skin || Lisa Skin (Sun Tan Tone) | Studio Exposure
* Highlight&Blush || Blush Glitter Collection Makeup | Studio Exposure | Collab Room | recent!
* Lipstick || Frida Kahlo Collection Makeup | Studio Exposure | Collab Room | recent!
Hair || Alexandra (Brunettes) | ICONIC
Whip Marks || Whipped And Abused | Snowfall Sinsations
* Sweater || Frank Knitted Loose Sweater | Addams | new!
– Thank you so much to AmaliaRainwood of Addams for providing the matching sweater and crop top that go with Blueberry’s Jeans and boots for the lastest collab between Addams and Blueberry.  In a future post, I’ll explore more of the versatile options of this whole set, but for now the dropped back of this sweater was perfect for… reasons.

Pose || Custom pose made with AnyPose

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Play With Fire” – Sam Tinnesz ft. Yacht Money

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