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Confession .199. To Your Major, I’m Minor, Breaking Every Single Chord You Play…

I’m sweet wine, but You want whiskey
I just wish I could be strong enough…
Still a faded Polaroid
But I can’t be something that I have never been…

Oh, look!  It’s not just me in here today!  Lol.  Thank you, Magnus, for putting up with my shit lately, and especially in this photo.

One of the things I told myself for 2017 and then again for 2018 is that I would do more – and get better – with decor and furniture in my posts… whether it was posts devoted specifically to these things, or if it was posts that merely involved them in the scene, I wanted to get better.

And when that happened, I was fortunate enough to be entrusted with Surrealia Anatine’s creations from her brand Stockholm & Lima.  Now… I’m a kinky bitch, so I was excited for more reasons than one… lol.  But truthfully, I knew that blogging for this brilliant content creator would push me out of my fashion comfort zone and into a space where I would HAVE to work with furniture and decor every once in awhile.

It also occasionally forces me to reach out and find other people to blog with every so often – so that’s a thing that happened today.

Again, thanks Magnus for putting up with my shit.  Both today for this post, and just generally.

That said, I want to point something out that you all may or may not already know.  Are you ready?  Gather in, get real close… it’s a secret…

People are not always what you think they are when you don’t know them.  *le gasp*

Like… seriously.  I can guarantee you that there are some of you who hate-stalk this blog for WHATEVER reason (thanks for the view!  Muah!) who will go into super-sleuth mode and try to find this man and blow up His IMs and try to tell him allllllllll these things you think you know about me.

The irony is I won’t have ever heard of half of you – and I wont know most of you.  But you’ll think you know me, because of what you’ve heard about me.

Why is that a thing?  Why is that something people do, and that they think its ok?

Save yourselves the trouble.  I don’t care, and I doubt he does either.  It’s not that serious, I promise. LOL.

Find a new hobby.  ♥

Shape || Mine
Skin || Lisa Skin (Sun Tan Tone) | Studio Exposure
* Hair || Dulcet (Brown) | Exile | Vanity Event | new!
Top || Psykini Bikini Top (Black) | Vinyl
* Shorts || Vicky Lounge Shorts | Blueberry | recent!

* Log || The Bonfire Log (Poly) | Stockholm & Lima | Red Light District | new!
– So, the fun part about the Poly log is that it still includes Solo, M/f,and F/f animations for sitting, cuddling, and sex… however it also includes Mff and MfM animations for cuddling and sex.  The animation used in this photo was one of the Mf sexual animations.  Inside the folder I received was also an Acoustic Guitar prop (not pictured) and the S’mores Tray (pictured).
Firepit || Beiwen Firepit Rock | Trompe Loeil

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Wild Enough” – Elina

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