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Confession .185. Call Out My Name, And I’ll Be On My Way…

I put you on top, I put you on top
I claimed you so proud and openly
And when times were rough, when times were rough
I made sure I held you close to me…

Confession .185.  Call Out My Name, And I'll Be On My Way...

Alright.  So, I promised myself in 2017 that I would try to work on the decoration thing, and sprinkle some decor posts in here.  Not that I ever plan on becoming a home & garden/decor blogger… there are plenty amazing artists that make that their niche… but I WOULD like to showcase some awesome designers who have trusted me with their designs in the best way that I can.

Now, that wasn’t a typo… I did say I promised myself in 2017 that I would try to do this more.  And just skimming back through this blog, you can see I didn’t follow through too much on that.  So it’s a goal I’ve carried over into 2018.  Carrying over goals is something that happens with me more times than I’d really like to admit.

My intentions are always good.  In every situation, not just goal-setting.  It might not seem like it sometimes, but my intentions are always good – at least, in my mind.  However, for some reason or another, the execution can sometimes get lost in translation.

I would say perhaps that’s a springboard for a new goal, but I think a goal like that is kinda a Catch 22.  *Chuckles*  “I want to get better at follow-through…” and the longer it doesn’t happen, the more I just keep ‘carrying over’ that goal.  It would just be lost in an endless cycle of good intentions and shit execution.

Perhaps that’s where the discipline in M/s comes in and draws me back to center, keeping me grounded more often than not.  There’s a certain type of accountability that can’t be achieved with oneself, or even in friendships.  Even publicly declaring “This is a goal!” and having random members of social media check you every so often when you stray from that path doesn’t really match the intensity with which Master can motivate me, or de-escalate me when I’m stressed out and spinning off into an alternate dimension.

Part of this, I think, is that He keeps things just the right amount of self-centric.  What I mean is, He doesn’t try to take on the burden fully Himself.  “It’s my job to make you do xyz.”  No.  He recognizes that the work is ultimately going to have to come from me in order for xyz to get done, so instead He focuses His efforts on motivation, correction, focus (that’s a big one!), and moderation (also a big one).

Motivation – He keeps me motivated.  He finds ways to make me excited about the thing I’m doing, or, if excitement cannot be found, He simply reminds me how much better I will feel when it’s done.  “I know you don’t want to go through the spreadsheets, but when you do, then the rest of the night, you’re all mine.”

Correction – I’m not perfect.  (*le gasp!*)  When I stray from the goals I have set, or that He has set for me based on what my needs and wants are, He will get me back on track and help me to…

Focus – This was the wedge that was driven between us during the brief time we spent apart.  My focus tends to drift, and while I’m great at multi-tasking when someone has me in voice… I have a tendency to get one-track-minded when I’m focused intently on a project that may or may not be the most important thing in that moment demanding my attention.  That obsessive Aspie personality of mine.  And so, when my focus needs to be taken from something I’m obsessing on and needs to be put back on the important matter, Master is getting better at doing that.

Moderation – This is one of the most important ones.  I hate saying ‘no’ to people who need my help/want me to do something.  And as such, this has led to me spreading myself way too thin, way too often.  And if I’m spread to thin, then focus issues like I mentioned above become more common.  Master has taken a more active role in making sure that I don’t get involved in too much at once.  I’ve already been told that with things currently on my calendar, I can’t take on anything new for the month of May.  *laughs*  But it’s good!  I need that accountability in my life to keep me on track.

So, anyway… goal-setting is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you don’t attain them.  Not every goal-setting situation is going to be the perfection you envision in your head when you’re motivated to set the goal in the first place.  And that’s OKAY!  It’s perfectly normal and ok to have set backs, as long as you don’t let that defeat you.  Maybe the methodology needs to be changed up a bit… maybe you’re not holding yourself accountable like I wasn’t and need to enlist the help of an outside source or two.  Maybe the goal is too broad and needs to be broken down into more manageable, smaller pieces that are mini, achievable goals that lead to the overlying goal you want.  There are plenty of things that could be at play, and absolutely none of them is that you’re some kind of failure, or that you have failed your goals.

It’s taken me AGES to learn this lesson, and so I thought I would pass it on to any of you who needed to hear it.  ♥

Note: PocketGacha is a HUD-based gacha event that occurs monthly.  Because it is HUD-based, you are able to simply attach your HUD anywhere you happen to be on the grid, and play at your convenience.  This is why you won’t see a linked SLURL for PocketGacha items.  There IS an in-world “headquarters” of sorts, where you can grab your HUD (if you don’t have a group space for the in-world group), convert lindens to tokens if you’re more comfortable playing that way, and otherwise gain more information about PocketGacha.  The in-world HQ can be found HERE.

Walls&Shell || Garden Party Stage & Dance Floor (RARE) | DRD
– I built the scene inside the ‘stage’ portion of this gacha piece, after clearing out all the instruments and stuff.  I also tinted the walls and floor of it to match the overall feel I was going for, but I did want to credit the original, in case any of you were looking for it.

This entire scene was built with items from the Murderous Mermaid gacha set from Fapple, for April’s round of PocketGacha.  Fapple, with her amazing attention to detail, is a wonderful creator for at-times-lazy decorators like myself who want everything I could possibly think of or want in a room, all in the same set/package.  I credited everything I used in this photo, however there’s still MORE in the set that I did not use/could not fit in the photo.  If you want gorgeous (functional!) bathroom furniture AND bathroom clutter to make the room look more put together and complete, then I heavily recommend this set.  Items used are listed below…

* Bathtub || MM Gacha Bath Tub (RARE) | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Tub Table || MM Gacha Bath Shelf | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Rug || MM Gacha Bath Rug | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Floor Lantern || MM Gacha Nautical Lantern | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Sconce Lights || MM Gacha Wall Lights | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Hanging Bath Robe || MM Gacha Robe | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Closet || MM Gacha Closet | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Towel Rack || MM Gacha Towel Heater | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Painting || MM Gacha Mermaid Painting | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Overhead Beams || MM Gacha BDSM Ceiling Rack (RARE) | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Towel Shelf || MM Gacha Bath Cart | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Hand Towel || MM Gacha Peen Towel Hanger | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Mirror || MM Gacha Mirror | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Shelf || MM Gacha Sink Shelf | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Sink || MM Gacha Aquarium Sink (RARE) | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Sink Rug || MM Gacha Wood Shower Mat | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!
* Laundry || MM Gacha Laundry Basket | Fapple | PocketGacha | recent!

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Call Out My Name” – The Weeknd

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