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Confession .184. I’m Bad For You, Love, But I’m Your Cigarette…

So go on and smoke that shit, baby…
I know that you know I’m your favorite
Think she’s what you want, but she ain’t it
Watching how my waist whine, tryna touch my waistline
Know I like to take time with it…

Confession .184.  I'm Bad For You, Love, But I'm Your Cigarette...

What?  Deia took 2 photos for a blog post again?  What is this, the apocalypse?  *Grins*

No, no… don’t break out the bomb shelters!  I just got a new toy to play with, so I had to take a couple pictures to see how I liked it.  And I liiiiiiiiike it!  More below!

So, in the nature of transparency, I WAS working on setting up a decor-centric post… which one look through this blog will tell you… is outside my norm.  HOWEVER, I do blog for some pretty epic places that do furniture releases and I DID say that 2017 would be the year that I worked on my furniture/decor shots to improve them… and then failed miserably in that quest and carried over that goal into 2018.  Soooo, I’m trying!

But then I got distracted – per my usual – in Facebook and ran across an add from Satomi, from FoxCity, about the Skin FX – Volume 1.  Now, again, you know talking about products I’m wearing/using isn’t my norm either… I just ramble… so you know this has to be good for me to want to talk about WHY I paused my decorating to take an avatar-centric photo.

Windlights can be a BITCH… an absolute pain in the ass… to get right.  I’m sure most of us who take any kind of photos regularly can agree with this.  So when I saw the little preview video of the Skin FX projectors/facelights (I’ve been calling them ‘projectors’ all night, but you add them to your avi, so technically it’s a facelight/body light/etc) showing what they do in MIDNIGHT and MIDDAY… you know, no fancy-ass windlight, but normal ones… I was sold.

Now, lately, I’ve been taking anywhere between 20 and 40 photos of the same pose in different windlights to merge and blend them together to get the look I truly want… but my inner lazy potato loved the idea of experimenting around with projectors/facelights that I could simply take one photo in MIDNIGHT of all things and edit from there.

So I set out to experiment!  And these two photos are what I came up with.

All in all, I’m super thrilled with it.  Like, I’m not about to change my entire blog to just blackscreen pictures with projectors/facelights… but I love the amount of detail these allow for, and the way they reflect off the body and face materials was everything.  It also gave me an excuse to go back to Black Dragon’s Animation Controls to freeze myself mid-dance animation to take a photo, which is something I haven’t done in longer than I’d like to admit.

Even now, I’m dancing around my house while I’m writing this.  The dancer in me just can’t help it!

You think I’m joking.

So, anyway… I promise there’s an out-of-my-norm decor post coming tomorrow/in the near future, but I got a bit sidetracked with this nifty new situation tonight.  And for L$100, it was totally worth the distraction!

Shape || Mine
Head || Lona Bento Mesh Head (v3.0) | Catwa
Skin || Lisa Skin (Sun Tan Tone) | Studio Exposure
Ears || Shiny Elf Ears | Swallow
* Lipstick || Dett Lips | Zibska | We ♥ RP (April) | recent!
Hair || Americano (Natural Ombres & Tips) | Navy+Copper | Shiny Shabby (April) | new!
Tattoo || Gautama (75% Opacity) | Letis Tattoo
* Top || For the Crew | Cynful | FaMESHed Go (April) | new!
* Panties&Fishnets || Cliqueish Fishnet Set | Cynful | FaMESHed Go (April) | new!
– FaMESHed Go is an event put on by the same team that runs the FaMESHed monthly event.  The difference, is that FaMESHed Go releases are at the Mainstores of the Designers, which is why there is now SLURL link to the event.  You can find the items in the Cynful Mainstore, linked above!

Poses || freeze frames taken from Cigarette 02 | Sync’d Motion | Shiny Shabby (April) | new!

Lighting || Skin FX Volume 1 (Antisocial) | FoxCity | new!

Location || Backdrop City

Blogging Tune || “Cigarette” – RAYE, Mabel, & Stefflon Don

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