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Confession .183. Looks Exactly The Way It Did Inside My Head When I Dreamed About It…

I don’t really like anybody
So don’t tell me I’m like anybody else
You put it back together, don’t let it fall apart again
People change with the weather…

Confession .183.  Looks Exactly The Way It did Inside My Head When I Dreamed About It...

I’m still getting back to getting comfortable exploring different style genres and things a little outside the “casual potato/barefooted hippie” vibe my SL normally consists of when I walk around not taking pictures.  Bear with me.  🙂

Also, can we all have a laugh at the irony of wearing all this ‘doom and gloom’ kinda black hooded cloak-and-dagger kinda situation the day after my wedding?  I promise this isn’t another gushing post, I just realized how incongruous the styling was with how happy I was all day when I had to start a comment in a discussion with, “I know I probably don’t look it right now, but I’m actually insanely happy…”

Like… clothing and my SL appearance have always kinda been that window to me, or that closed, locked, and barred door telling you to stay the fuck away.

I remember going through a particularly painful breakup and spending several days in dark, hooded, androgynous clothing.  The message was very clear, “Stay the fuck away.”  I was a volatile and hostile motherfucker for a few days, and I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t wearing some flouncy frou-frou bullshit that might, heaven forbid, invite someone unknowingly into my IMs with a bubbly, “OMG YOU LOOK SO CUTE!”  I would’ve likely ripped someone’s head off at that point, and so it was just safer for everyone involved for me to retreat behind the wall of an unwelcome facade of uncomfortable, dark fabric.

Lately my only concern with my clothing is, “Does the mesh distort too much with my little bump?”  Especially if I’m blogging.

Someone asked me, with the pregnancy, if I was going to start to ‘show’ in my blog photos too.  I mean… probably?  I’ll probably even purposely show in some of them and use the post to talk about my feelings/thoughts on the pregnancy in SL thing, because my opinions have evolved over the years I’ve been here… but one thing I’ve resolved within myself is that if it the post is for a dedicated partnership between myself and a Designer or myself and an Event, and the size of my belly distorts the mesh too much and makes it look less than the best it should, then I would adjust my shape for the post.  I can’t let my blogging lack right when I’ve got my flighty-ass muse nailed down for a bit.

But anyway… all that to say, I suppose the idea behind this look was that veiling that I used to do… that I sometimes still do.  I just didn’t have the need to be veiled today.

Shape || Mine
Head || Lona Bento Mesh Head (v3.0) | Catwa
Skin || Lisa Skin (Sun Tan Tone) | Studio Exposure
Eyemakeup || Under Eye Glitter | Izzie’s | from a former Powder Pack
Glitter || Glitter Freckles | Izzie’s
Lipstick || Glittery Lipsticks | Izzie’s | from a former Powder Pack
Hair || Bangs (Over Eye Right) | Truth Hair | from VIP offering “Bangs Collection”
* Tattoo || Venom (Gold) | White Widow | We ♥ RP (April) | recent!
* Outfit&Hood || Galatea (Onyx) | Glyph | We ♥ RP (April) | recent!
Nosechain || Nose to Ear Piercing (Gold) | Difference
Armlet (shoulder) || Georgia Armlets | AvaWay
Rings&Nails || Elektra Nails & Rings | RealEvil Industries

Pose || Beauty (3) | FoxCity

Location || Backdrop City

Blogging Tune || “Somebody” – The Chainsmokers ft. Drew Love

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