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Confession .179. I’m Losing My Mind, Just A Little…

So pull me closer
Why don’t You pull me close?
Why don’t You come on over?
I can’t just let You go…

Confession .179.  I'm Losing My Mind, Just A Little...

Finally!  The moment I promised you.  I have 3 store cards to Zibska to give away, and per my usual, I’m going to do it through RaffleCopter.  Please make sure when you’re entering with one or multiple methods, that you leave your Legacy Name, not your Display name, so that I can contact you if you win.

I have 1 L$1,000 gift card to Zibska, and 2 L$500 gift cards, so I’ll be pulling 3 winners.  ♥

In case you’re new here, or haven’t been reading the posts lately… this blog recently reached 1,000 followers.  In a world where instant-gratification is more the norm, and Flickr seems to be taking over peoples’ priorities for looking at a following, or viewership, to reach 1,000 followers here on this blog was a huge milestone for me.

When I first started this blog I had NO idea what I was doing.  I was a model and it was stressed as IMPERATIVE for a good model to have a blog to further promote creations given to them.  At the time, I was in a pageant, and way over my head… and being a new and unknown name, I felt I had to have SOMETHING to offer to any sponsors for anything in the pageant… so I offered to feature any items given in a blog… created this blog – originally named “Confessions of a First Time Pageant Model” – and proceeded to have no idea what I was doing.

I’d blogged before… don’t get me wrong.  However, I had never been a fashion blogger.  My photos were absolute garbage, and my first blog was purely written word with sourced Google Images just to pull people in to make them read what I had to say.  I never had a decent computer or internet connection for the first year or so, and when I finally built my desktop computer, I still was at a loss with the settings for a good photo, or any kind of Photoshop skills.

I watched a LOT of tutorials… I learned from other people… and I stared at a lot of other peoples’ SL pictures and just… experiemented.  “How can I get my skin to look like that?”  “Let’s try this…”  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

And then… my blog getting anywhere near as fun as it did, or getting “out there” to bigger designers to have any kind of interest in me was kinda all Voshie Paine’s fault.  I was assisting with Pale Girl Productions at the time, and she asked me out of the blue how many Flickr followers I had.  (I believe I had been lamenting about lack of exposure for my blog, despite my personal feeling that my photos had gotten a TON better.)  I didn’t get the correlation at the time, and honestly was really bad about maintaining my Flickr properly.  I had maybe a few hundred?  And she was kinda just like, “Well that’s your problem,” and proceeded to push me to cultivate that following and work on the Flickr side of things for a bit.  Sure enough, I started getting the notice I wanted from some of the Designers I wanted.

If you would have told me 5 years ago when I started this thing that I’d be blogging for some of my favorite stores and events, as long as I stuck with it and didn’t give up.. I would’ve laughed in your face.  Or broken down in tears with the overwhelming “I have no idea what I’m doing” feeling.  But 5 years later, and some poking and prodding from people like Voshie, and I’m still somehow alive and kicking.

But I wouldn’t have anything that I have here without people like YOU that want to read what I have to say… or at the very least look at my pictures.  And because of this, to celebrate 1,000 followers on this blog, I am giving away a L$1,000 gift card to Zibska, as well as 2 additional L$500 gift cards, also to Zibska, for a total of 3 separate winners.

I always try to give back to you guys as much as I can, and I haven’t gotten to do a raffle in awhile.

Like always, I’m running my raffle through RaffleCopter, which lets me truly randomize the entries and give me as few or as many winners as I want to pull, as well as have several different entry methods.  2 of the entry methods are mandatory:  1.) You must follow this blog, and 2.) You must leave a comment on this blog post about something positive related to Second Life.  There’s so much negativity in our world right now, and so much negativity in SL, it’ll be nice to see a small little collective of happy for a bit.  Additional entry methods have to do with some passion projects I’m involved in, and showing them some support.  These methods are entirely optional and only seek to give you further chances of winning any one of the gift cards.

You can find the link to the raffle HERE.  It will open in about an hour and a half (from the time of posting this blog) at midnight SLT on April 3rd, and will close at 11:59pm SLT April 9th, 2018.  So one week to enter.  After the raffle closes, I will pull the winners and post them to my Facebook Page and contact winners in-world personally.  That’s why it’s important to give me your Legacy Name, not your display name, in your entry so that I can reach you.

Again, you can get to the raffle HERE.  Good luck!

Shape || Mine
Head || Lona Bento Mesh Head (v3.0) | Catwa
Skin || Heidi Skin (Golden Tone) | L’Etre
Lower Eyeliner || Pulse Makeup | Veechi | Uber | new!
* Hair || A Fine Mess (Browns) | Exile | Collabor88 March | recent!
* Bodysuit || Luna Mesh Bodysuit | Rebel Hope | FaMESHed April | new!
* Shorts&Fishnets || Sweet Cheeks Shorts & Fishnets Set | Cynful | FaMESHed April | new!
– Full disclosure, at least for the Belleza Isis size, the shorts do NOT fit over the bodysuit in the back to wear out and about.  I just loved how they looked for the picture.  I’m sorry! –
Collar || Inked Collar | RealEvil Industries

* Pose || Cultivate 5 | Gingerfish Poses | Pose Fair April | new!

Location || Backdrop City

Blogging Tune || “The Middle” – Zedd and Grey ft. Maren Morris

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