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Confession .176. I’m Always Ready For A War Again…

I fight the world, I fight You, I fight myself
I fight God, just tell me how many burdens left
I fight pain and hurricanes, today I wept
I’m tryna fight back tears, flood on my doorsteps…

Confession .176.  I'm Always Ready For A War Again...

So I took this picture what feels like AGES ago… when really it was… several days ago.  Getting back into the swing of the RL work thing has just left me coming home and having zero motivation to sit in Photoshop.  Especially when I’m getting kinda headache-y with the live music in the lobby every night.

I’m HOPING that when I get through training and they don’t have to move me around to ensure I know all the different tasks, then maybe I’ll be able to be on midshift (11am-7pm) so that I can start getting home at a decent hour again.  It’s about a 45 minute drive, the way I have to take right now (avoiding a toll bridge), and most of my shifts are 3pm-11pm, so I’m getting home around midnight, which just isn’t fun.  Lol.

But Monday and Tuesday I have midshifts, which is what makes me think they’ll move me there ‘permanently’ after training.  If they just wanted me to do the night shift, then why make me learn the day tasks, right?  One can dream!

As I was telling Master, when He asked if it was weird getting back into the swing of working outside the house again… it’s not really that… it’s just that I’m used to being in control of how much social stimulation I have in a given evening.  Like, I’m in control of how quiet or loud my environment is at any point in time… so if I’m having an Aspie moment and am over-stimulated, then I can change my environment to make it better.  Whereas at work, other people are in charge of that.  I can’t just go out to the piano player in the lobby and tell him I’m feeling socially overwhelmed and ask him to stop playing.  Lol.  No, I just have to kinda suffer inside my own head and go home with a headache and decompress a bit.

But… so far my job is pretty easy.  I still have to learn the computer system, but there’s no formal training in that.  And it’s not like we can shut the phone off for an hour while they walk me through the basic functions of the computer system… so it’s mostly just… learning as you get a call that requires you to do something.  And, worst case scenario, transferring them to someone who knows how to do it if you don’t.  Lol.

I already have stories that I’ll have to tell you guys.  If you’re on my Facebook, you may have heard about my “best friend in room 2005” from Friday night.  But I’ll tell that full story here at some point.

Also, keep a look out.  I’ve finally reached 1,000 followers on this blog, and to celebrate, I’ll have a gift card raffle coming up for you guys.  ♥  Details about that will come up in the next post, or the post after, depending on how well the midshifts treat me tomorrow and Tuesday.

Shape || Mine
Head || Lona Bento Mesh Head (v3.0) | Catwa
Skin || Heidi Skin (Golden Tone) | L’Etre
* Hair || Persephone (Brown) | Stealthic
* Shirt/Dress || Bette Dress Shirt (Long) | Blueberry | recent!
Collar || Inked Collar | RealEvil Industries
* Necklaces || Blesssed Necklace | Cae | Ultra | new!
– These didn’t come out showing as much as I thought they would originally, so you’ll see them again in a blog that has a close-up!  I’m in LOVE with these necklaces, so you’ll probably also see me wearing them around the grid if you run into me. Haha.

Pose || Bento Sensual Seduction 4 | Abranimations
– This photo was taken as a still photo mid-dance playing this particular animation.

Backdrop || Neonidas | Sehas

Location || Backdrop City

Blogging Tune || “Pray For Me” – The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar

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