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Confession .152. One Of The Only Girls That I Love, Dat My Main…

So all you haters lookin’, you could try tonight
Cause I’m down for whatever when she’s by my side
Dat my main one, dat my main one
And we’ll always be down for life…

Confession .152.  One Of The Only Girls That I Love, Dat My Main...

“Ladies, do we sell water in this bar?”
“Hellllllllllllll nah!”

This song has been on repeat since Saturday night… so of course it showed up on this post.  Though it would’ve been better in a post WITH my main one.  Haha.  But that’s kinda what this post is about…

One thing that pledging has brought out in my mind is the people outside the soro that I actually give a damn about. Like, Tuesday-Thursday when I’m in that house… who is it that I actually MISS?  Who am I used to hanging with that I feel strange not being around.  It’s kinda been a mental test of who are actually close to me.  And you know?  It’s not many.


I mean… sure, this seems obvious.  Lol.  Master has been one I’ve missed a LOT.  Getting to spend time with Him yesterday, on a completely free day… when I could wear what I knew He liked, and get some bound time in with the Vixen set… it was nice.  It makes me miss it slightly more when I can’t, but it’s that little bit that keeps pushing me forward, to get through the next two weeks of limited contact.

I may not have known Him as long as I’ve known the others that are gonna be on this list, but He’s quickly weaseled His way in.  There are things I can’t see myself being able to go through without Him… His support makes all the difference.  And that’s what puts Him here with the others.  Well, that, and I love Him and stuff.  *insert mushiness… lol*


This girl truly is my ‘main one’.  I’ve called her my Ride or Die for the longest – she was even labeled that way in my profile before pledging started.  My friendship with Novaleigh is more than just a friendship that is a ‘close virtual friendship’.  We met in college through a mutual friend, and later on I actually spent a couple months living with her and the mutual friend in RL.  So this is a friendship that extends so far beyond SL for me.

When this song played at the after-party from Alpha Sigma Omega’s probate show on Saturday night, Nova had just crashed and I even said out loud in local, “Aww my main one just crashed.”  Lol.  When this song plays, Nova is the first one I think of, and I dunno how I would retain my sanity in SL without this crazy bitch.  Hahah.


I don’t let people very close, very often.  Iris got that prickly exterior for years, and frankly she still gets it sometimes when I get afraid of letting her closer than she already is.  But even when she gets “bitchy Deia” cause she’s dealing with “scared Deia”, she still doesn’t say “Fuck off” and walk away.  She’s just… there.  She’s silently there, and she waits for me to come back like, “Ok… that was dumb… I need help…” and then she’s right there with the help I need, if she feels like she can.

She’s incredibly protective, and it’s nice to know that there’s someone there who cares enough to be that protective.

Shape || Mine
Head || Catya (v3.0) | Catwa
Skin || Aya Skin (Pearl Tone) | L’Etre
* Hair || Makena (Redhead) | Truth Hair | VIP group gift for October!
* Shirt || Rina Mesh Shirt Dress | Rebel Hope | FaMESHed | new!
* Boots || Ellen Mesh Thigh High Boots | Rebel Hope | FaMESHed | new!
Collar || Inked Collar | RealEvil Industries
* Necklace || Trinket Necklace | Cae | Cosmopolitan | new!

Sofa || Canada Sofa | Not So Bad | 6 Republic | new!
Chair || Canada Chair | Not So Bad | 6 Republic | new!
– All poses used are included in the Sofa that I’m sitting on.

Location || 6 Republic Event

Blogging Tune || “My Main” – Mila J. ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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