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Confession .150. You Gave Up, I Grew Up…

Where would I, where would I be?
What would I do?
If You were, if You were there when I needed You?

Confession .150.  You Gave Up, I Grew Up...

I don’t think this particular post actually exists on social media anymore… I shared it last night on my Facebook page from Chris Crocker, but today I couldn’t find it on my page or his.  I went looking and found a cached version that still had it, where I was able to grab the content because I feel like it is COMPLETELY true in the age of social media, and also in Second Life.

He may have deleted it because of social anxiety issues or any other reason really… it’s his page, but I felt the need to post it here.  These words are not my own, but Chris Crocker’s.

“Social Anxiety Media.”

We are living in a trap.  We crave authenticity, then yawn at it.  We applaud people for “staying in their lane” and just entertaining us.  Existential crisis is the theme and we are the masquerade guests with our masks.

Social media has turned us into rats on wheels.  If we aren’t reading the latest news to give us heart palpitations or send us into euphoric seeking denial – we are updating our lives on social media, expressing every single last thought with unconscious urgency, just as I’m doing.  All for corporate profit.

Is it sometimes fun?  Yes.  But when we start to modify what is presentable, because it may just be too ‘normal’ or boring for our perceived audience: we are setting ourselves up for failure.  We cannot only show the one second of the day we are feeling peppy.  There are people suffering who need to feel they aren’t alone.  This is my mirror for you.  You aren’t.  I have nearly 4 million likes on Facebook and almost 800,000 followers on Instagram and I’m lonely every single day in my mind.  Not because no one cares.  Because I crave depth in connection.  Social media isn’t the problem.  It’s just the perpetrator for us who are already lost.  It’s like trying to pour water in a well.  It’s just more of the same thing.

Do not feel guilty if you are not like the pretty person you scroll past.  Do not feel like it’s a lie when I tell you this, just because you don’t get likes on your photos.  Because what I’ve come to find is the world wants the wrong things.  And maybe you’re everything that’s right.  They just can’t see past their filter-tinted glasses.

You are more than the moments others clap for you.  A thumb hitting a button that creates a Heart never made me less anxious or more great.  It’s time we take back our identities and get in touch with what’s missing from life: Living.

Chris Crocker

Shape || Mine
Head || Chloe Bento Head (v3.0) | Lelutka
Skin || Kay Skin (Milky Tone) | Lara Hurley Skin | group gift!
Eyes || Hurt Eyes | Izzie’s
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* Shirt || Charm Blouse | Moon Elixir | Kawaii Project | new!
* Jeans || Charm Jeans | Moon Elixir | Shiny Shabby | new!
* Heels || Hanny Heels | Breathe | The Chapter Four | recent!
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Pose (full body) || Autumn 1 | FoxCity
Pose (close up) || Autumn 4 | FoxCity

Backdrop || Neon City Vol 2 (White; With Lights) | FoxCity

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Blogging Tune || “Needed You” – Illenium ft. Dia Frampton

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