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Confession .130. If You Didn’t Know, I Fight Like A Girl…

I got a lot to say
No time to play
Ay, I’m comin’ for ya…

Confession .130.  If You Didn't Know, I Fight Like A Girl...

“You teach people how to treat you.”

This commentary came up in a group discussion tonight.  It wasn’t something I’ve thought about in a long time, but I thought about it a lot tonight.  It came from such a simple question as to how to move on after a break up or a bad relationship, but the conversation evolved to this.

I find in SL that it’s at least somewhat ‘easy’ to teach people what is an unacceptable way to treat you, in that you have the Block/Mute button.  This happened to me in the discussion I attended before this particular group… I was kneeling in front of Master and someone sitting across the room from me IMed me.  I’m not restricted from talking to other people, and at first the conversation was fine, so I went along with it.  He complimented my avi, I said thank you.  He complimented my RL picture, I said thank you.  He went  into specific detail about what he liked of my RL photo, I said thank you again.  He said my avatar looked ‘so submissive’, which pushed the ‘creepy’ line to me, so I started the polite brush-off of “Thank you.  Master thinks so as well.”  But he didn’t seem to take the hint and said it was ‘such a turn on.’

At that point, I blocked him.  To me, that is me ‘teaching’ someone what is unacceptable behavior to engage in with me.  Like, our dynamic might be open, but I don’t go to an educational discussion to look for someone to play with.  And I certainly don’t want creepy advances coming at me when I’m trying to pay attention to a discussion.

But in RL, there is no Block or Mute button, so I’ve still not quite worked out what magic, secret formula there is for teaching someone how to treat you.  If any of you have it worked out, please clue me in…

Like… I’m still trying to work out where it seems like I gave my ex permission to treat me like I’m stupid just because of his education in something versus my self-taught knowledge.  Like… what behavior did I engage in that let him think it was ok to treat me that way.  I don’t think I tolerated it?  Ultimately it ended our relationship, so it’s not like I stayed with him.  Lol.

Or maybe there truly is no secret formula for any of it, and it’s just trial and error with every person you meet.

In which case, being a human being is exhausting.  I’d like to exchange my human for a unicorn, please?

Shape || Mine
Head || Catya Head (v3.0) | Catwa | recent update!
* Skin || Sally Skin (January Tone) | Pumec | Powder Pack for Catwa (September) | new!
Eyes || Hurt Eyes | Izzie’s
* Lipstick || Brii Lips | Zibska | Powder Pack for Catwa (September) | new!
* Hair || Montana (Brunette) with Hat | Truth Hair | new!
Top || Gwen Top (White) | CandyDoll | Kustom9 | new!
Jeans || Serena Jeans (Ocean) | Blueberry | new!
* Heels || Hattie Heels | Breathe | PocketGacha | new!
– Welcome to the craziness, my newest designer partnership, Breathe!  This particular set of heels can be found by playing PocketGacha.  You’ll notice there’s not a hyperlink on the PocketGacha credit, and that’s because you don’t need to try to tp into a crowded sim to get your hands on these babies!  Just join the in-world group, grab your HUD, and start playing!
Necklaces || Mei Set (Silver) | Supernatural | Tres Chic | new!
Rings&Nails || Elektra Nails and Rings | RealEvil Industries

Phone&Case&Poses || Luxury Dream Gacha | Genesis Lab | eBento | recent!

Kitchen Decor || Kitchen Set | LAQ Decor

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Fight Like A Girl” – Zolita

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