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Confession .106. I Always Thought I Would Sink, So I Never Swam…

I never went boatin’
Don’t get how they are floatin’
And sometimes I get so scared of what I can’t understand…

Confession .106.  I Always Thought I Would Sink, So I Never Swam...


I was gonna make this another one-photo post, cause I’m so happy with the close-up of this… but I wanted to do justice to the fullness of this adorable outfit… so I included the full-body as well.  And can you say feet jewelry?!  Yes, please!  (You’ll see this jewelry and the shoes it can be worn with again, closer up, in an upcoming post, I’m sure.)

I, of all people, am happy to promote lazy shopping, getting as many things as possible in one place.  Haha.  So a vast majority of what I’m wearing can be found at Summerfest, either as an event exclusive, or simply in the booth alongside new releases.

Summerfest is an event that I’ve been visiting for a few years now, this being my third, I believe.  I will always remember the first time I stumbled across it, as I found the skin I used as my ‘regular’ skin from Glam Affair’s booth that year.

Then last year I visited as a fangirl of nearly everyone who participated.

And this year I have the honor of blogging some of my favorite SL designers, and it’s not just my clothes!  *Flails and fangirls all over again*

I’m gonna rave about a few of these things in particular, and then credits to everything as well as the SLURL to Summerfest will be all down below.

Let me start with my skin.  Girl, hello!  I used to adoooore Lara Hurley skins pre-mesh head days.  I loved how Lara’s skins would look on my face shape and I wore one of them around for quite awhile.  When mesh heads became a thing, I became more of a lazy skin shopper.  I stuck to mostly things that were default to something else I wore.  Belleza with my Belleza body… Glam Affair with my Maitreya body… I looove the way Lumae’s skins look on both my Catwa and Lelutka heads… so some of my pre-mesh head faves took a backseat.

However, when I saw Lara Hurley on my list (Summerfest divides their bloggers into groups to ensure that you as readers get as diverse coverage as possible of as many designers as we can possibly show… a system I find that works really well, so that you’re not seeing the same thing 65 times today, opening day.)  Anyway, when I saw Lara Hurley on my list, I fangirled for a minute.  I saw her skin was for Lelutka and I fangirled a little bit more.  My Lelutka heads have admittedly taken a back seat to my Catwa head until more recently, so I was super excited to bust Chloe out again.

I’m in loooove with this skin.  It’s just too adorable.  And the freckles – applied from an included additional HUD –  are bold enough to be noticeable without it looking like I drew brown dots with a sharpie.  Lol.  Realistic and noticeable and I love it.  The skin itself also has options for lipsticks and eye shadows, or an additional “Lips” HUD, and a black eyeliner applier.  I went with a neutral lip and the black eyeliner, so you could see as much of the natural skin detailing as possible.  But I couldn’t resist showing you the freckle HUD.  Y’all know my ginger ass and my obsession with good freckles.

Next… this outfit.  Now, I’m a sucker for details.  If you don’t know about my love for intricate chain jewelry, you might wanna check out my last post where I talk about Aisling and how their jewelry got me addicted to gachas 3 years ago.  Haha.  This outfit (bikini top and bottom, skirt, and top – sheer and solid versions) is Moon Elixir’s exclusive for Summerfest and let me tell you how much I love the chain detail with the shells and the little bits of fabric in the top to make it appropriate.  Over the course of Summerfest, I’ll be showing you more swimsuits, I’m sure, but this is one of the most intricately detailed and impeccably executed outfit I’ve seen in a long time.  Further reaffirming my love for Moon Elixir’s creations.

I’m just as in love with everything else that I used for this post… hence it’s the first of my Summerfest posts… I’m guilty of adding my favorites here… but if I talked in detail about everything I’d be jabbering your ear off for hours.  So make sure you’re checking out the rest of the credits below and hop over to Summerfest, if you can fight the opening day rush to get in.  Totally worth it.

Happy Summer!

Shape || Mine
Head || Chloe Bento Head (v2.7) | Lelutka
* Skin || Becca (Pale tone) | Lara Hurley Skins | Summerfest | new!
Eyes || Tokyo Eyes (Pales) | Izzie’s
* Eyeliner || Black eyeliner applier, included in Becca skin pack above
* Freckles || Freckle/Glow HUD, included in Becca skin pack above
* Hair || Last Summer (HUD C) | DUE | Summerfest | new!
Body || Lara Body (v4.1) | Maitreya
* Outfit || Paradise | Moon Elixir | Summerfest | new!
– Outfit includes bikini top, bikini bottom, shirt (sheer and solid options in HUD), and skirt.
* Foot Jewelry || Aruba Barefoot Sandals | Reign | Summerfest | new!
Collar || Simone Heart Collar | RealEvil Industries
Jewelry || Cowrie Shell Jewelry Full Set | Izzie’s
– This full set includes the short necklace, longer necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, along with customization HUDs for endless color combinations and possibilities to match pretty much anything you could want to wear this summer.  This is also in her Summerfest booth, even though it’s not her exclusive.

* Pose || Summer Fun Pose 1 (beach ball included) | Kirin Poses & Props | Summerfest | new!
– Face is animated with the HUD included with the head itself, and the right hand pose is modified using the hand poses in the Maitreya HUD.

Location || Elysion

Blogging Tune || “Malibu” – Miley Cyrus

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