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Confession .99. Lost Girls Find A Way…

Lost girls…
Lost girls find a way…

Confession .99.  Lost Girls Find A Way...

We ❤ RP is opeeeeeeen!  And let me tell you, I was super excited to see some of the items.

First of all, I see Amara Beauty in the Powder Packs for Catwa each month, and I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from her, so to see her come out with a skin for We ❤ RP was a pleasant surprise.  Like, “Ooo!  Lookie here!”  In this particular post, I’m using one of the human tones, but I think in future posts, I’ll get brave with some of her fantasy tones that she’s got out at the event.  Some of them are so rich and pretty, I’m not going to be able to resist.

Secondly, I’ve never heard of the designer of this particular outfit… and so I clearly think I’ve been living under a rock.  Lately I’ve dabbled very very little back in Gor again (I know… I go back and forth… but like… I can never FULLY go back… cause there are times where I want to look like a mango!  If you’re not sure what I mean, see my last post.  Muahaha.)  But lately I’ve dabbled very little back in Gor, and so I started poking through my inventory for appropriate things to wear.

This is perrrrfect for me, and for the character I would be playing.  Her demeanor, her choices (when she’s given them), etc.

This outfit is being sold in 4 different colors, and is rigged for Maitreya ONLY.

Also… this HAIR!  This isn’t from We ❤ RP, however, Magika is having her annual Summer Sale, where every hair style currently out is 50% off!  I took this opportunity to go and grab some of my favorites in the ombre style HUDs (03 and 04) that I didn’t have before.  I would heavily encourage you to check it out, ladies, and snatch up some things you may have been saving up for, while they’re 50% cheaper!

Shape || Mine
Head || Catya New Rig (v2.10) | Catwa
* Skin || Miriela (Tone 02) | Amara Beauty | We ❤ RP | new!
Eyes || Tokyo Eyes (Pale) | Izzie’s
* Undereye Glitter || Under Eye Glitter (with Gel Liner) | Izzie’s | Powder Pack for Catwa (May)
Hair || Lush (HUD 03) | Magika
Body || Lara Body (v4.1) | Maitreya
Hands || Prohands v.1 | Vista
* Outfit || Ninfa outfit (Green) | Broken Style | We ❤ RP | new!
Rings/Nails || Elektra Nails & Rings (for Vista) | RealEvil Industries
– These are a past release from April’s round of FaMESHed, and they were released right before Maitreya updated their hands for bento.  Because of this, the rings were originally released to fit Vista Bento and Maitreya regular hands.  But!  Crash updated so the release includes Vista Bento, Maitreya regular, and Maitreya Bento hands.  If you purchased this at FaMESHed and never checked for an update, wear the “Update Card” that came in your package, and you should receive 1.1.

* Pose (full body) || The Yearly Series Three | an lar Poses | We ❤ RP | new!
Pose (close up) || Empathy | Del May Poses

Location || Elysion

Blogging Tune || “Lost Girls” – Lindsey Stirling


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