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Confession .94. Who Cares If One More Light Goes Out? I Do…

The reminders pull the floor from your feet
In the kitchen, one more chair than you need
And you’re angry… and you should be… it’s not fair
Just cause you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there…

Confession .94.  Who Cares If One More Light Goes Out?  I Do...

I was more than a little bit terrified when I started getting wind of a new Linkin Park album.

Like… I grew up with Linkin Park… and they were kind of the misfit’s anthem of my generation – at least in the part of the midwest I was in… maybe in more musically-diverse areas of the country and of the world, you had a different band that was this for you… but, like… I couldn’t wrap my head around being now 27 years old and going back to listening to this band from my childhood/early-adolescence.

And then I heard “Heavy” for the first time.  And that song played on repeat for DAYS… Linkin Park had managed to write my anthem all over again… so of course, I started poking around at other songs from the album.

That’s when I found this one…

This is one of those songs that’s just so deep and raw… and stripped enough that you have no choice but to HEAR the rawness and realness of the emotions in the words.

You don’t have a choice but to feel what they want you to feel.  As someone who fancies herself a semi-retired dancer in SL (performance, not pole)… that is something Rya always taught me.  The point of performance dance is to reach out, grab someone by the collar and say, “Look at me!  Feel what I’m feeling!  See me and listen to me, dammit!”

I tried to carry that into emote-less, particle dancing as much as I could.  Which is what I’m going to try to do with the next one I’m working on… it’s not to this song… and I’m wrestling with whether or not I want to blog the song I’m working on… because there are those who stalk me for no other reason than to ruin the little things.  There are those who can put together a routine the likes of what I want to do much more quickly than I can… and I really don’t want them to steal this passion-project from me.

However… while that is in the various stages of internal debate… I will say that the piece I’m working on is in a similar subject matter to this song… kinda… sorta.

I’ll let you chew on that.

But for what it’s worth… I care if your light goes out.  So please don’t let it.  Mmkay?  ❤

Shape || Mine
Head || Catya New Rig (v2.10)Catwa
* Skin || Dawn Skin (Medium 01) | Essences | Powder Pack for Catwa (May) | new!
* Undereye Liner || UnderEye Glitter | Izzie’s | Powder Pack for Catwa (May) | new!
– This comes in so many different colors, and the option of having black upper winged eyeliner, or without… I’m completely obsessed.  You may or may not see various colors of this in the coming blog posts for the rest of forever.  Lol.
* Hair || Apple Hair (Browns) | Wasabi Pills | Ultra | new!
Body || Lara Body (v4.0) | Maitreya
Hands || wearing Maitreya bento hands, included with bodies 4.0 and later
Nail Applier || Minimal Gold | alme | Shiny Shabby | new!
* Tattoo || FreeLove (White) | White Widow | On9 | new!
* Top || Eleni Top (White) | Kenny Rolands | Ultra | new!
Jeans || Mesh Flare Jeans (#3) | Maitreya
Shoes || Portugal (White) | Essenz | Shiny Shabby | new!
Septum Piercing || Dark Queen Septum Ring (P6) | RealEvil Industries
Necklaces || Gwen Necklace (Gold) | Kibitz | Shiny Shabby | new!

Pose (close up) || Solitude 4 | XXY | Shiny Shabby | new!
Pose (full body) || Solitude 2 | XXY | Shiny Shabby | new!

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “One More Light” – Linkin Park

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