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Confession .87. I Was Lightening Before The Thunder…

You say you’re basic, you say you’re easy
You’re always riding in the back seat
Now I’m smiling from the stage while
You were clapping in the nose bleeds…

What’s this?  Two days in a row?  Sorry, guys… particularly with the ER fiasco (if you didn’t read my last blog… like actually READ it, you probably should… there’s some hilarity in there…) I’ve just been exhausted most of the time when I get home from work.  The last couple of nights have been the only real nights that I’ve had any motivation to stay up.

And of course, they’re fueled by storiesssssss!

When I was first interviewed for this job, I was told that my job would consist of mostly 2 things: Triaging patients, and chart prep.  Chart prep means different things, depending on which provider you’re prepping for… some want them printed, some don’t… this provider wants this kind of information… that provider wants this information.  I have one provider who wants the last Lipid lab and the last Echo… no matter when it was.  I printed out an Echo from 2007 the other day, because that’s the most recent one we have in our systems.

But anyway… Triage and chart prep.  Seems simple enough, right?

Our office is TRYING to build up enough staff that there is one nurse and one medical assistant for every provider, so you can work in ‘teams’.  All the medical assistants will still triage for everyone, because clinic is a busy place and not every provider is in clinic every day all the time… but for chart prepping and other specialty things, they’re really trying to build this ‘team’ situation.

For now, our two EP’s (Electrophysiologists) share an MA… me.  They each have their own nurse, however.

This is where the story begins.

When I started about a month ago, I was pretty much just eager to do a good job and make a good impression.  This was a large office, but I loved it, I loved the hours, I loved the hospital in general, I loved the family atmosphere of the staff.  I wanted to fit in and do well here.  So one day, I looked ahead at the next day’s schedule and saw one of our EP’s would be in clinic.  We were done checking in for the afternoon, so armed with my paper and pen, I went out and introduced myself to this EP’s nurse (who had been on vacation when I first started) and basically said something along the lines of, “Hi!  I’m ________, I’m Dr. ______’s MA.  I saw he was going to be in clinic tomorrow, so I was going to ask you how he likes his charts prepped.  Like, does he like them printed, what info does he like on-hand… I know everyone’s different.”  Keep in mind, I’m terrified of, like, introducing myself to new people in person, so I’m sure there was much more stammering than I just typed.

She looks at me with this smug-ass look on her face.  Like she can tell I’m nervous.  And just says, “I prep Dr. ______’s charts.”  The amount of attitude in her voice says there is absolutely no room for me to say I understand that she did when she didn’t have an MA… but now she does and it’s part of my JOB description… there was no room to say ANYTHING really, after that.  So I kinda just said, “Ok…” and wandered back into my little office space back to my desk and sat there feeling like an idiot.

It took me almost a week to build up the courage to ask my other nurse (the nurse for our second EP) about chart prepping.  And he was at least cool about it.  He’s newly transitioned from MA to LPN, and so it was suggested to him to keep chart-prepping so that he could get more in-depth into each appointment and start to understand the kinds of procedures he would need to order, what’s required, etc etc.  But, we worked out a system where I will work 2 clinic days ahead of him (like if he’s in clinic on Monday and Wednesday, then on Friday, I will do Wednesday’s charts) so that he can still go behind me and ‘check’ me, while also familiarizing himself with the patients still.  The bulk of the work comes off him, but he can still use it as a learning tool.

THAT is the kind of nurse I like. One that EXPLAINS why he does things the way he does, but then still makes concessions to allow me to do my job too.

So today, my nice nurse comes in and asks what I’m doing.  I was chart-prepping for someone else who needed help, but it was a couple weeks ahead, so I said, “Nothing life-or-death, why whatcha need?”  He needed the charts prepped for Monday’s clinic.  He’s been observing procedures most of the week, so he hasn’t had the time.  I commandeered his computer (it’s got some software that my computer hasn’t been hooked up with yet, since I’m still pretty new) and started prepping. He helped me for as long as he was there, but it was his early Friday, so he took off when he got his stuff done.

I finished with a few questions from other nurses around me, and still had about 2 1/2 hours left.  Now, this nurse is my nice nurse (as opposed to the other one who was snippy with me and has barely said ‘boo’ to me since then)… so I was looking for ways to help him out.  After a few minutes of finagling, I got the label maker to work for me and started working on his scan pile.  Making barcode labels to identify patient information, then faxing them to a service that sorts and puts them in our electronic charts.  In about 2 1/2 hours, I think I got through maybe 150 pages?  I didn’t feel like I made near the dent in his stack that I wanted to, but at least he’ll be slightly less stressed on Monday.

And if he continues to observer procedures and leave his computer open?  I can keep working the stack down and we’ll eventually be caught up.

Meanwhile, I haven’t touched my mean nurse’s stack at all.  And I likely won’t unless she asks for it.  If she asks, of course I’ll do it… I’m technically her MA too.

I just don’t find her to be a nice person.  Lol.

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