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Confession .86. But He’ll Never Stay; They Never Do…

Would’ve gave it all for You, cared for You
So tell me where I went wrong…
Would’ve gave it all for You, cared for You
My Lover… My Liar…

Confession .86.  But He'll Never Stay; They Never Do...

It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve given you guys a really good story.  Like… one of those stories that really sucks in the moment, because everything that could go wrong, did… but in the end, I can look back on it and laugh.

It wasn’t until I told Nova the entire story over the phone this evening that I realized JUST how ridiculous it was… so I HAVE to share it.  Lol.

I hope you get a good giggle at my expense…

Alright.  So.  Pre-cursor.  I have PCOS: Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.  You can click the name for a bit more information on that condition if you’ve never heard of it/want a little background on why I disagreed with the doctors/got so confused in the ER later on in the story.

Two of the medications I take for this condition are called Metformin (also a Diabetes medication, despite my only being insulin-resistant and not diabetic) and a hormone cream called Progesterone.  Both of these become significant later.

Sunday night, we had a huge storm.  I’m a dumbass and kept two of my three televisions on (one by accident and one on purpose), and neither were apparently plugged into surge protectors.  Lightening struck close and fried both of them.  So Monday night, because I need sound to sleep, I plugged my phone in and let Pandora go on it, so I could sleep to the radio.  Because of this, apparently I didn’t wake up to my alarm when it went off for work Tuesday morning.

So I wake up late Tuesday morning and am rushing around, but am in a LOT of lower abdominal pain.  Like… a LOT.  Enough so that I finally stop everything I’m doing and throw up.  Several times.  Enough that it begins to worry me.  I text my team leader and let her know I’m going to go to my urgent care before I head in to work, that I’ve had pain that’s made me nauseous and induced vomitting and I’m a little concerned… with the PCOS… I didn’t want there to be a problematic cyst situation going on.

So I go into the urgent care and the Doctor was one of those that, like… tried to act like she understood PCOS, but didn’t seem to, really, if that makes sense?  Like… she was ‘impressed’ to see my doctor ‘really getting in there’ and treating me with the hormone cream, etc… but when I mentioned that the cycle I just finished was my first one since the beginning of February, she gave me a wide-eyed look.  And I’m like, “I have PCOS… my cycles are irregular..?”  To which she replies, “Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.  Of course.”

Anyway, she’s about to let me go with just a Bentyl prescription (pain medication for spasmodic pain) and then she presses on my lower right abdomen and about makes me scream.  She’s pressing on my damned ovaries so of course it hurts (that seems logical to me), but then she gets this worried look on her face and writes me an order to go to the ER for a CT… because she’s concerned about my Appendix.

Now… knowing what I know about PCOS, and knowing that she doesn’t know shit about it, by this point… I use my patient portal to message my primary care doctor (whose office is an hour and a half away, hence I didn’t start with her in the first place) and let her know what was going on and what the Urgent Care doctor wanted me to do.  I wanted a second opinion.  I wasn’t about to go to the ER if it was nothing.  If it was normal PCOS pain.  My doctor agreed and wanted me to go to the ER for a CT, but she was more concerned about a problematic ovarian cyst than she was my appendix.

Given that I wasn’t in much consistent pain (about a 2-3 on a 0-10 scale), I drove to the ER in the hospital I work for.  Copay is cheaper, closer to work, closer to people I know, etc.  I get there and get checked in/triaged around 1:30 in the afternoon.  Time will become incredibly significant from here on out.

While I’m waiting for whatever the next step of my process is… everyone’s different depending on what they’re there for… I see someone who’s there with a work injury.  He was working on one of the roads and fell into about a 3 foot deep hole.  He’s there for a leg injury.  But at some point in the waiting room on the other end of a row of chairs from me, he starts having chest tightening.  Like pain and tightness.

Now me, being an MA in a Cardiology office, I start paying attention… but I’m off the clock and there’s no less than 4 nurses within pissing distance of this guy, so I figure they’ve got it covered.  But the more he starts to say, “My chest is so tight… gah… it hurts…” and the louder he gets, the more people just stare at him.  No one moves.  No one tries to help him.  It wasn’t until he called his mother on the phone – who was on her way there to meet him – and starts to talk really loudly saying, “I keep telling them my chest hurts and ain’t no one doing anything!  They’re just sitting there staring at me, like I’m telling them it hurts and they’re just staring at me!”  At this point, the security officer tries to WHEEL HIM OUTSIDE… like… kick him out of the ER… for having chest pain… and a doctor (I think?) steps in, and I think he’s going to help the guy… but HE tries to wheel him outside too… dragging his injured leg along behind him.  Like, really?

By this point I’m texting my mother, who was a Cardiac nurse for 15 years, and her only reply is, “Aren’t there chest pain protocols in place?”  To my knowledge, there are… they just weren’t being used.  Finally they stop trying to take the guy outside and wheel him back to one of the lab spaces to get him an EKG (what they should’ve done in the first place).  Like… I mean… the guy is young.  It’s probably just muscle spasms from the fall… but like… you’ve got a guy who’s injured who now is having chest pains and he’s panicked a bit.  You get him an EKG, tell him his heart is fine, and THEN you bring him back to the waiting room.  Like, give him some peace of mind.  Don’t ignore him and then try to kick him out of the ER.

Oh, but the kicker… while he’s back there doing whatever other tests they’re doing… a COP CAR pulls in.  They called the damn cops on this guy for ‘creating a disturbance’… because he was having chest pains… in the ER… and was vocal about it.  Lord.

Amidst the craziness, I sit there until about 3:45pm.  Then Patient Transport comes to get me with a wheelchair to take me down to Ultrasound.  Now… keep in mind… I walked in there specifically with an order for a CT, to have my ovaries and appendix looked at.  I’ve now been there for a little over 2 hours and am just not being taken for a test… but it’s an ultrasound.

The woman who takes me back for the ultrasound says the order is for an internal ultrasound, which about makes me panic… given my past history of sexual trauma.  She says that with sexual trauma patients, they don’t do internal, so they’d just have to do an external ultrasound and Radiology would ‘just have to deal with it’.  Ok.  Slightly less panicked now.

Ultrasound goes ok, I wind up back in the waiting room.  It’s about 4:30pm by this point, and I quietly and patiently sit there until about 6:30pm.  Normally I would be one to question, etc… but at this point I was kinda afraid of being accused of ‘creating a disturbance’ if I did something the front desk people didn’t like… so I just hushed and listened for my name.  Never heard it.

Around 6:30pm, a triage nurse comes by and says, “I haven’t seen you… what’s your last name?”  I told her, and then said, “But I was triaged a long time ago. You don’t have to worry about me.”  She asks how long ago and I tell her about 5 hours.  She said something wasn’t right about that, so she went to ask the front desk.

She returns with this look on her face and says, “He said he called your name 4 times for a room and you weren’t here, so he deleted you from the computer.  You might want to go talk to him.”

I had literally only left the room for that Ultrasound.  And for 2 minutes to pee right after I got back from the ultrasound.

I went back up to the desk and tried to politely tell the man, “Hey, the nurse said I should talk to you?”  And before I could even ask the question/explain what was going on, he snaps at me, “You were called and you weren’t here.  I’ve got you back in the system now and you’re as close to the front as I can put you, behind the STAT people, but you need to LISTEN for your name this time.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him and said, “I’ve been LISTENING for my name for the last 2 hours since I came back from Ultrasound.  If you called my name while I was IN Ultrasound, then that’s not MY fault, and you should probably keep track of your patients,” before going back to sit down, as close to the corner where they call peoples’ names as I could.

Keep in mind, up to this point, I have yet to tell anyone that I work here.

The first time they come to get me for a room, they try to put me in a room that someone else is already in.  The nurse leads me to the lab and asks another nurse who was in that room, and the name is given.  She asks, “Did you just put her in there?”  The nurse says no, and the nurse that’s with me says, “That’s where they told me to put her,” and shows her the paper with the room number on it.  So back out to the waiting room I go.

About 7:15pm, I finally get taken back to a room… an empty room this time.  Lol.  And I’m told to sit on the bed and the doctor should be with me soon.  “Soon” is another word that’s thrown around a lot here.  Keep in mind that I’m about 15 minutes shy of having been there for 6 hours.  I don’t think ‘soon’ counts anymore.  LOL.

And I still haven’t had the CT I was originally there for, mind you.

Around 8:15pm, the doctor finally comes in, and I’m in tears.  If you’ll remember, when I was driving in, around noon, my pain level was at a 2-3.  When I was triaged, it was about a 3-4.  By the time this doctor shows up, almost 7 hours after triage, my pain level is up to about an 8, and I was TERRIFIED to tell anyone about it… because I didn’t want to make a scene and incite the wrath of the staff and wind up with a cop in my room.  The doctor asks why I’m crying, and I try to calmly explain that I’ve been there for almost 7 hours and in that time, my pain has gone from about a 3 to about an 8 and I’ve been trying to ‘breathe through it’ for those 7 hours and I’m about at my wit’s end with it.

She does a small physical exam and determines we need a CT (le gasp!) to check what’s going on.  She leaves the room about 8:30 and says CT should be in “soon”.  There’s that word again.  Lol.

About 9:15pm a paramedic comes in, really nice guy… the first really attentive human that I’ve met in my interactions so far that day… to start an IV, since the CT will need to be with and without contrast.  We chat a bit about how I’ve now been there through shift change, he starts my IV, and then leaves the room, saying CT should be here “Soon”.  Comes back about 20 minutes later to get another set of vitals because he’s only just then seen in the computer how long I’ve been there, and that it’s been since 1:30pm that my vitals were last taken.

It’s then that I explain about being deleted from the system, etc, and recount my whole journey up to that point, and somewhere in the story I make some off-handed comment about how I waved at the elevator I usually take up to work, because at the time I was being taken to Ultrasound, some of my co-workers were still upstairs.  This paramedic gives me this mortified look and says, “Oh fuck… you work here.”

Magically people got a lot more attentive… everyone except CT, that is. Lol.

10pm rolls around, and I have my first, full-fledged panic attack.  See, after the Paramedic left from taking my vitals, he raised the left side bedrail.  The right side was already raised from putting the IV in my right arm, so I was kinda effectively trapped in this bed.  The pain in my lower abdomen shot up to a 10 in, like, a muscle spasm kind of feel, and I worked myself into hyperventilating to the point that deep breaths actually made the pain WORSE.  I’m flailing around trying to undo the bedrails and can’t… I’m looking for a call-light and don’t have one… and so I get to the point that I’m, like, choking and scream-crying, gasping for air.  The doctor comes in, same doctor from 8:15, and says, “What’s wrong?”  I explain between short gasps of air about the pain, and the being unable to breathe, and the being trapped, and it being 2 hours that CT was supposed to be here ‘soon’.. and she says, “I need a CT so I can see what’s wrong.  Don’t make yourself hyperventilate.”  AND THEN SHE LEFT.

So gradually, I manage to calm myself down.  I really don’t remember how.  Lack of oxygen to my brain must have blocked that part out. Heh.

11:15pm rolls around and I, again, have worked myself into a panic.  CT STILL hasn’t come, I’m STILL trapped in the bed, I STILL don’t have a call light, I’ve not seen another human since the doctor came in with my last panic attack, and it should be noted that now at almost 10 hours here, I’ve not been given a single thing for the pain.  Narcotic or non.  I generally assumed that the doctor wanted a CT of whatever was going on without intervention, so I didn’t ask for anything for the pain, but I was in a HELL of a lot of it by that point.  The muscle spasm came back, and I was doing that strange scream-crying thing for about 15 minutes before a different nurse came in that I hadn’t seen – night shift nurse – and asked, “Ok honey, what’s wrong… talk to me… you gotta talk to me…” I started sobbing and telling her the whole thing about being deleted from the computer, waiting forever, being here since 1:30, being trapped in the bed, being in a lot of pain, waiting for 3 hours now for CT and wondering if they lost me again, and then begging her not to call the cops because I saw someone have the cops called on them for making a scene in the waiting room and she gave me the most pity-filled look I think I’ve ever gotten from someone.  She gave me the call light, still didn’t let either of the rails down, but asked if I had an IV and when I showed her, she said, “Ok, let me go get you something for the pain.”  She comes back within a few minutes with a pain medication (a very strong one… too strong, in hindsight) and a nausea medication.  Tells me CT is on the phone and should be down soon.

CT FINALLY showed up and took me down… process was quick and mostly painless… I was high on the pain med at the time so it better have been painless… lol… and I get taken back to the room.

The Paramedic comes back in and lets me know that the CT came back with nothing abnormal, everything with my Appendix looks fine, etc etc.  And my only question?  “And my ovaries?”  Cause, keep in mind… that’s the WHOLE reason I was there… and he says, “Oh, well the ovaries were visualized on the Ultrasound.  They didn’t note anything abnormal.”  So… you mean to tell me… the entire reason I was here… getting a CT to check if there were any problematic cysts going on in my ovaries… my ovaries weren’t even visualized on the CT… because they were visualized in the Ultrasound that I never should’ve had?!

I’m finally discharged at 12:30am… and after alllllll that time and allllll that drama and alllllll that ridiculousness, you know what my final diagnosis was?

“Abdominal pain, unknown cause (female)”.

Fucking… kill me.

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