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Confession .76. I Will Follow Where This Takes Me

Oh nothing’s sure, but surely as we stand
I promise I will stay the same
And I’ve never seen forever
But I know we’ll remain

Confession .76.  I Will Follow Where This Takes Me

In a world uncertain…

Nothing is actually for sure.  Death and taxes, so they tell me, but even those things have their sliding scale.  There is nothing really certain to cling to in those tumultuous moments that toss you back and forth, leaving you dizzy and unsure which way is the surface… and all you need is a breath of air.

Sometimes things change so quickly.

But let this be a lesson.  I try to let you in on things that I have to learn the hard way… so that maybe it can save you a small bit of this panging bit of sorrow in the back of my heart.  So let this be one of those lessons that helps you see things a little bit more clearly…

Things can quickly go from deliriously blissful back to a bucketful of insecurities that leave you once again questioning.

No matter how much of a good thing it seems, there are always bad sides to it.

This is one of those bad sides for me, I suppose.  One of those moments where I have to mentally take stock and choose when to cut my losses and make it out with my emotions in tact… or stick it out and hope that it doesn’t happen again.

But experience tells me it will.  It always does.

And it seems as though I’m the only one of us who sees it even remotely as a problem.

It felt like something good.  Like such a good thing.  I thought maybe I had a good thing that I deserved… for pushing through all of the crap.

Yet here it is.  Tarnished with everything else.  Thanks, Universe.

Shape || Mine
Head || Catya New Rig (2.10) | Catwa
* Skin || Aria (Pale 02) | Essences | February Powder Pack | new!
Hair || HoneyAna (Browns) | Truth Hair | February VIP gift!
Body || Lara (v3.5) | Maitreya
Gown || The Bride Gown (Bridal) | Dead Dollz | The Crossroads | recent!
* Headpiece || Callas Wedding Bride Headpiece | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!

* Pose || The Inka Series Two | an lar Poses | Shiny Shabby | new!

* Table || Callas Wedding Table | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!
* Chair || Callas Wedding Chair ULTRARARE | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!
* Carpet Runner || Callas Wedding Carpet | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!
* Standing Table Flowers || Callas Wedding Table Decor | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!
* Bouquet || Callas Wedding Bride Bouquet RARE | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!
* Bowls&Plates || Callas Wedding Dishes and Cutleries | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!
* Arch || Callas Wedding Romantic Arch | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!
* Hanging Lanterns || Callas Wedding Lantern | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!
* ‘Our Wedding’ Photo Frame || Callas Wedding Photo Prop | Astralia | The Crossroads | recent!

Blogging Tune || “Stone” – Alessia Cara

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