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Confession .74. Adronitis

All that’s real is faded
Like a car into the night…
Like a painkiller, I take it
And I watch the world ignite.

Confession .74.  Adronitis


n. frustration with how long it takes to get to know someone—spending the first few weeks chatting in their psychological entryway, with each subsequent conversation like entering a different anteroom, each a little closer to the center of the house—wishing instead that you could start there and work your way out, exchanging your deepest secrets first, before easing into casualness, until you’ve built up enough mystery over the years to ask them where they’re from, and what they do for a living.

Yep.  So.  This is me right now… heh.

I kind of forgot what this feeling was like.  The feeling of something being new and exciting… and actually being HAPPY about it.  Looking forward to seeing them, and finding yourself somewhat sad when they are not there.

But in feeling that connection with someone… those butterflies… it’s so tempting to just run head first.  Dive in and just swim amongst the good feelings, yeah?

However, I guess part of me is always afraid that if I do that… if I give up on my sanity for just a moment and dive in… that the water is not as deep as I’d initially thought, and I’ll wind up cracking my head on the bottom.

But this feeling of adronitis is really starting to grate at me.  It does seem like it would be more interesting to start at the center and work our way outwards… learning the deepest things first, on to the more shallow.

I can only hope that this feeling lasts, and savor it for as long as it does.

Shape || Mine
Head || Catya New Rig (v2.10) | Catwa
Skin || Madyson (Nordic Tone; w/ Freckles) | Deetalez
Eye Applier || Intense Eyes (dark grey) | Deetalez
Hair || Char (Browns) | Truth Hair | February VIP gift!
Body || Lara (v3.5) | Maitreya
* Outfit || Fawn (Sky) | Belle Epoque | We ❤ RP | new!
– For the close-up photo, the “Rose” wings were used, instead of “Sky”.
Necklace&Earrings || Spring Bud Set (Gold) | Yummy

* Pose (close up) || The Rella Series Three | an lar Poses | Enchantment | new!
* Pose (full body) || The Rella Series Five | an lar Poses | Enchantment | new!

Location || Elysion

Blogging Tune || “Under Control” – Ellie Goulding

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