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Confession .63. Flashover

I realize that sometimes love brings you flowers
Then it builds you coffins
And far too often
We end up falling to our demise…

Confession .63.  Flashover


n. the moment a conversation becomes real and alive, which occurs when a spark of trust shorts out the delicate circuits you keep insulated under layers of irony, momentarily grounding the static emotional charge you’ve built up through decades of friction with the world.
Staring out the window, she wonders just when it happened.  When that moment happened that made it all real, and different, and… alive!  When did she cross over between superficiality and trying to make it work to a sense of ease and joy in just finding a space near Him to call her own?

When did it become ok to be herself with Him?

Curling her knees up to her chest, memories of her past begin to invade that peaceful space of her mind.  That space that is perfectly at home is suddenly crowded by strangers… fleeting phantom memories of a past that is meant to stay buried… a door meant to remain closed.

“How dare you?!” she curses at the sky, as though someone could actually hear her.  “How dare you see me happy and try to flounce around like it’s not ok… like I’m not allowed…” Exasperated, her voice trails off.  Tired of fighting demons of a past that only likes to rear its ugly head at its own convenience.

Exhausted.  She is simply exhausted.

I thought that You would be the hero
Come and save the day
But You’re a villain…
Your sins unforgiven…

“No.  No more,” her eyes narrow and she glares out the window that merely reflects her own worn features back at her… the smudged liner beneath her eyes reflecting the perceived weakness in her tears.  “I’m done.”

Uncurling herself quickly, in a smooth fluid motion she is up from the window sill and throwing her body against the door.  “Get out!  Get the hell out!  Stay out!  Go away!  You don’t get to do this to me again!” each statement punctuated by the beating of her fist against the door as she uses every strength within her to hold it closed.  “Get out!” she cries out again.

When it feels as though the force on the other side of the door simply won’t stop, her hand moves to lock it, stepping back slowly and staring.  Something was trying the handle, pushing against the door.  But she wouldn’t let it in.  Not again.  She was done.

“Go away.” she stated finally, definitively.  And the noise stopped.

She stared at the door for a moment longer before turning and retreating to her bed… their bed.  Laying atop it and stretching, she smiled.  Finally… it was done.  And she was home.

Finally, she could be home… with Him… in peace.

*~* Confession .63.  Flashover *~*

Shape || Mine
Head || Catya (v1.06) | Catwa
* Skin || Alexa (Artic 01) | Glam Affair | Kustom 9 | new!
* Hair || Ice (Gingers) | Truth Hair | The Epiphany | new!
* Baby Hairs || Catwa Hairbase (Reds) | Tableau Vivant | Kustom 9 | new!
Eyes || Rigged Eyes for Catya | Catwa
Eye Applier || Intense Eyes (Light Blue) | Deetalez
Body || Lara Body (v3.5) | Maitreya
* Dress || Lya Slip Dress (Sky) | Baiastice | The Liaison Collaborative | recent!
Necklace & Earrings || Ivy Set | RealEvil Industries | The Seasons Story | recent!

Pose Prop || Winterview Vignette | oOo Studio | The Season Story | recent!
– Both poses are included in this pose prop.  7 poses total are included.

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “River of Tears” – Alessia Cara

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