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Confession .49. There’s Things I Don’t Ask, What I Don’t Know Can’t Hurt Me…

I’m not discarding you like broken glass
There are no winners when the die is cast
There’s only tears when it’s the final chance
So don’t give up, it’s just young lovers’ romance…

Confession .49.  There's Things I Don't Ask, What I Don't Know Can't Hurt Me...

For as long as I can remember, I have known what I’ve wanted to name my children.  I have known that I’ve wanted to have one boy and one girl, and I have known what I have wanted to name both of them.

There is a naming tradition in my family, that at least one girl in a generation must have the mother’s first or middle name used.  I didn’t get named with the tradition because by the time I was born, my aunt had already had my cousin, and had given her the family middle name.  However, because it looked like I was the only female in this generation that may have children, it would be up to me to use my mother’s first name, or her middle name.  There is a horrible, rare disease in my family that we think my female cousin has, and if she does, she doesn’t want children.  She doesn’t want to make them live through what she had her brothers are going through/have gone through.

So I’ve known from that moment that I wanted to name a little girl Sabre Diana.  I hate my mother’s middle name, so I knew I would use her first name, and I have always loved the name Sabre.  Unique, without being something like Watermelondrea.  (Though no offense meant to those with names like that.)  Sabre Diana would be that little girl.

For my little boy, my mother had told me the story that when she found out both of her brothers had our family disease, that she’d told my father that if I were a boy, my name would be David Michael, named after both of them.  I have loved the name ever since, and it would be nice to have a son named after my uncles.  My little boy would be David Michael.

However, with several of the medical problems I’ve had in recent past, I’ve been told that it would be heavily unlikely for me to be able to conceive children of my own.  I’ve not even really talked that over with my mother… I just keep telling her, “By the time I’m ready to have kids, you’ll be sick of grandkids,” since I have 12 nieces and nephews by my 3 step-sisters.  She keeps telling me no, that she would love to have biological grandchildren, especially ones that would live close, since we’re both here in Alabama, and everyone else is in Indiana.

I’ve never asked the doctors for sure.  And I’m not sure I want to know yet.  What I don’t know, won’t potentially devastate me.

*~* Confession .49.  There’s Things I Don’t Ask, What I Don’t Know Can’t Hurt Me… *~*

..:: Shape ::..  Mine
..:: Head ::..  Tumble Basic Head || Catwa
..:: Skin ::..  Sabine (Tawny; T6) || Lumae
..:: Hair ::..  Ember (Browns) || Truth Hair
* This is one of two different versions the hair comes with.  The other is ‘behind’ the shoulders, that I blogged previously, HERE.
..:: Eyes ::..  Deadshine Eyes (Wight Iris; Natural Pupil) || IKON
..:: Body ::..  Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Outfit ::..  Trikaya Gacha (White) || Promagic || WinterTrendSL || open until 12/23
..:: Collar ::.. Abide Collar || Cae
..:: Baby ::..  Miracle Angel Baby Girl Wings 04 || Black Bantam || Arcade Gacha

..:: Pose (close up) ::..  The Pixie Series Two || an lar Poses || We ❤ RP
..:: Pose (full body) ::..  The Pixie Series Four || an lar Poses || We ❤ RP
* The Baby has its own hold animation that modifies the arm position on both of these poses.  However, every other body part is posed by these two credited poses.  That is why they’re listed.

..:: Location ::.. Home

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Broken Glass” – Sia

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