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Confession .47. I’ve Wanted You Here All Along, But My Fear Just Keeps Haunting Me…

See, I need You, and baby I need to
Let down my guard and give You my scars…
Open up my heart.
We could be stars.


She looked without looking for quite some time.  She hoped without hoping.  She tried not to get her hopes up, but those that knew her best often heard the tears that broke her voice if they knew how to listen.  Those that knew her best knew the way others took advantage of her weakened state.  They saw how people would stroll in and stroll out just as quickly.

They watched.  They lent shoulders.  They offered baseball bats to the kneecaps.  But the pattern didn’t really change.  The pattern would never change, not as long as there continued to be assholes in the world.

So she continued to look without looking.  She continued to hope without hoping.  But she started to lose hope.  Surely there wasn’t anyone out there.  Perhaps she had met Him before… and had ruined that.  Surely that was it.  He was there, ever-the-friend, never more.  Perhaps that was it.

But still she continued to look without looking.  Gradually losing further hope.  Exploring and wondering, but never quite finding just that right fit.  It’s like… when you find puzzle pieces from the same box… and they’re both outside pieces, but they don’t quite fit together?

Then He showed up.

It’s new.  It’s different.  And it’s something to be explored slowly… carefully.  Timidly.  But at least it’s something that feels more consistent.  And that alone is something she can thank Him for.

At least she didn’t lose hope completely.


*~* Confession .47.  I’ve Wanted You Here All Along, But My Fear Just Keeps Haunting Me… *~*

..:: Shape ::..  Mine
..:: Head ::..  Tumble Basic Head || Catwa
..:: Skin ::..  Ruby (Fawn; T4) || Lumae || past gift
..:: Hair ::..  Aspen (Solar) has attached scarf || Wasabi Pills || past release from The Forest
* See the linked website for information on The Forest event and when the next round starts.
..:: Eyes ::..  Deadshine Eyes (Wight Pupil; Natural Iris) || IKON
..:: Outfit (minus scarf) ::.. Explorer Set || Pixicat || We ❤ RP

..:: Pose (full body) ::..  The Yala Series Four (m) || an lar Poses || Winter Solstice
..:: Pose (close up) ::..  The Yala Series Five (m) || an lar Poses || Winter Solstice

..:: Location ::..  Elysion

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Stars” – Alessia Cara


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