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Confession .46. Smile Through The Pain…

And you’re locked inside my heart
And your melody’s an art
And I won’t let the terror in, I’m stealing time
Through the eye of a needle…

Confession .46.  Smile Through The Pain...

To design is truly an art form.  To design well… very few in SL manage to accomplish that.  And to design well WHILE remaining a decent human being?  Nearly impossible.  Few people could do this better than Dani Plassitz did of Styles by Danielle.

My day yesterday started off pretty normally.  Up early, out most of the morning, came home to piddle around in SL, until I got an IM.  Now, most of you know I’ve got my autoresponse up 24/7.  RL pulls me away at random, but real talk?  Sometimes I’m there and I choose not to respond.  I’m either spending time with someone and I don’t want to pause that time to multi-task dealing with an issue, or I’m just really not in the mood.  That’s the beauty of the autoresponse.  However, this was a designer that is in the Peace on Earth Hunt, so I figured there may be a problem.

Instead, I receive heartbreaking news.  Dani Plassitz had passed away suddenly in RL the night before.

Now, those of you who are a part of the fashion community may understand my initial skepticism.  And if you aren’t, or you weren’t then, let me briefly summarize.  A couple of years ago, we were all informed by someone who was a friend of the family that Eva, the same Eva who is behind Kelini, had died.  Friends were devastated, the community was wrought with grief.  People were all over Facebook sharing memories and stories.  No one thought she was sick, they didn’t know anything, it was a huge shock and surprise.

And then Eva came back to Facebook.

I don’t remember the specific circumstances behind the person who had told us Eva had passed away, but the long and short of it was, Eva was alive and well, and it was an incredibly traumatic experience for quite a few people.  So before I began to believe it myself, or tell anyone else, I asked the person who told me if they knew her in RL.

This person had talked on the phone with her in RL every day for the last year.  Apparently a couple of days before Dani passed, she had gone into the hospital, so she wasn’t online.  And then she just passed suddenly, without pain.  Dani’s husband called this person, thinking she was simply another one of Dani’s friends from the real world, since they spoke so often.

I didn’t want to write about this in this particular post.  I wanted to write about pleasant and happy things.  About how much I love snow in SL because I love the LOOK of snow, but I hate how cold it has to get to snow, and I hate dealing with the snow in RL, so I’m glad I live in the South.  I wanted to write about the skin I’m wearing in these photos, and how it’s an Advent calendar gift from Lumae for 1313 Mockingbird Lane’s calendar for the 16th.  It’s available for free, but ONLY on the 16th.  It’s for Catwa only, but includes all body appliers, ear appliers, a bunch of other different appliers, just like Lumi’s other skins.  And don’t worry if you don’t have a Catwa head, there are some super cute head chains in the package as well (not pictured) so there is something for everyone.

Just… do me a favor.  Tell the people you care about that you care about them.  Don’t wait, ok?  Dani and I JUST talked… but it was strictly business.  It was hunt stuff.  And now she’s gone.  I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone else.

*~* Confession .46.  Smile Through The Pain… *~*

..:: Shape ::..  Mine
..:: Head ::..  Tumble Basic Head || Catwa
..:: Skin ::..  Ruby (Fawn; T4) || Lumae || Free for 1313 Mockingbird Lane Advent Calendar
* This is a FREE GIFT for 1313 Mockingbird Lane’s Christmas Advent Calendar, but it’s ONLY free for December 16th, so you’ve got to run and grab it today.  It’s not at Lumi’s store, but at Mockingbird Lane.
..:: Hair ::..  Deirdre (Blondes) || Wasabi Pills
..:: Eyes ::..  Deadshine Eyes (Wight Pupil; Natural Iris) || IKON
..:: Gown/Corset/Sleeves ::..  Kamila Dress & Corset Opaque (White) || Una || We ❤ RP
..:: Headpiece ::..  Duneyrr Winter Horns (Pearl) || DeviousMind || We ❤ RP
..:: Necklace ::..  Saveria || Zibska || We ❤ RP

..:: Pose (full body) ::..  The Illa Series Two (m) || an lar Poses || Liaison Collaborative
..:: Pose (close up) ::..  The Illa Series Four || an lar Poses || Liaison Collaborative

..:: Location ::..  Snowy Islands

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Eye of the Needle” – Sia

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