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Confession .44. I Stand A Hundred Feet, But I Fall When I’m Around You…

I’m not asking for a lot
Just that you’re honest with me…
My pride is all I got.

Confession .44.  I Stand A Hundred Feet, But I Fall When I'm Around You...

It’s been 7 months.  You probably didn’t know that.  I didn’t know it until I thought about it the other day and went back to look for my petition.  7 months since I wrote it and gave it to you.  Do you remember how terrified I was?

I was, like, in tears when I gave it to you.  Real talk?  I wanted to run away.  Or, I guess the SL equivalent is tp’ing away?  Like… my stomach was in knots.  I was terrified of you.

One of the people I’m closest to in this god-forsaken grid, and I was /terrified/ of you.

I still am.  Every time I think about that petition, and the idea of re-submitting it at some point.  I start to shake… my heart rate rises… I hyperventilate sometimes if I’m having a particularly stressful day to begin with.  Like… full on panic attack.

And sometimes I wonder if that’s a bad sign… but the more I think about it, I realize it’s kinda the opposite… at least to me.  It’s just indicative of how much I actually do want it.  That might sound silly to you… but to me, I don’t know.  To learn from You has always been something I’ve wanted to do.

5 years Tivi has been an avatar.  Which means we’ve known each other at least that long.  And believe it or not, that means I’ve wanted to learn from You at least that long.

So please… when I ultimately hand you this petition again… keep that in mind.  For the love of all that is holy and good… please have mercy on me.

Because it hurts.

*~* Confession .44.  I Stand A Hundred Feet, But I Fall When I’m Around You… *~*

..:: Shape ::..  Mine
..:: Head ::..  Tumble Basic Head || Catwa
..:: Skin ::..  Natalia Skin (America) || Glam Affair || Collabor88
..:: Hair ::..  Irenka || Truth Hair || VIP Group December Gift
* This gift for the Truth VIP group has a short style  and a long style, both including versions with and without a hat… so in theory this month, you get 4 different hairs!
..:: Body ::..  Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Dress ::..  Tivy Set || Lybra || Winter Solstice
..:: Boots ::..  Estee Heels || Reign || past Luxe Box release (June 2016)

..:: Pose ::..  Next to the Wall 1 || K&S

..:: Location ::..  Home

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Mercy” – Shawn Mendes

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