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Confession .38. Sometimes You Gotta Burn Some Bridges Just To Create Some Distance…

You ever wonder what we could’ve been?
You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did.
Lie to me, lie with me, get your fucking fix.
Now all my drinks and all my feelings are all fucking mixed…


“Feeling used, but I’m still missing you.  And I can’t see the end of this.  Just wanna feel your kiss against my lips.  And now all this time is passing by, but still I can’t seem to tell you why it hurts me every time I see you.  Realize how much I need you.”

She used to be strong.  She used to be… the epitome of independent, feminine strength rolled into a romantically submissive package.  The woman who could manage with the best of them but still come home and sit at Daddy’s feet and be perfectly content.

She used to be strong…

She used to know exactly who she was and what she wanted.  She used to have a clearly-defined path of achieving those things that she wanted, and she used to be determined to walk that path, keeping her eyes trained ahead to the prize in the distance.  She used to continuously move forward.

She used to be strong…

She used to have the answers in times of hardship.  When friends and loved ones needed her, she used to have those words of support and just enough encouragement to get moving forward.  She used to possess the ability to logic her way through tragedy so that others could just focus and feel.  She used to take the reigns and move everyone forward.

She used to be strong…

I used to be strong…

… what the hell happened?


*~* Confession .38.  Sometimes You Gotta Burn Some Bridges Just To Create Some Distance… *~*

..:: Shape ::..  Mine
..:: Head ::..  Kori Static Head (Parted Lips 4) || Catwa
..:: Skin ::..  Milu Applier (Jamaica 03 RARE) || Glam Affair || The Gacha Garden
..:: Eyes ::..  Odyssey Eyes (Forest) || IKON
..:: Hair ::..  This Girl (Browns) || Vanity Hair || Sad November (opens 11/05)
..:: Body ::..  Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Sweater ::..  Katelyn Sweater || Hilly Haalan || Sad November (opens 11/05)
..:: Pants ::..  Mara Slim Fitmesh Pants (Gray) || shine by [ZD] || Sad November (opens 11/05)
..:: Boots ::..  Autumn Studded Boots (Caramel Latte) || Glam Affair || FaMESHed
..:: Necklace ::..  Mani Necklace (Gold/White) || Promagic || The Crossroads

..:: Pose/Prop (photo 1) ::..  Umbrella 1 || Reel Poses || Sad November (opens 11/05)
..:: Pose/Prop (photo 2) ::..  Umbrella 3 || Reel Poses || Sad November (opens 11/05)

..:: Location ::..  Hermoupolis

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “I Hate U, I Love U” – Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien

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