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Confession .35. You Better Mention Facts When You Say My Name…

Mention facts when you say my name or get found, boy
Can’t swim with the sharks… yeah, you gonna drown, boy
Had to leave the fakes alone… yeah, it’s goin’ down, boy
A hundred flows in case the haters try steal my sound, boy…

This is a little bit of a different post.  The photo didn’t quite get the… feel… that I wanted it to, but that’s just testament to how cute this skin is from AlterEgo.  -laughs-  I couldn’t make it look evil on my head!

Anyway.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past few years of SL… it’s that people will show you the side of themselves they think you want to see when they need you… you will never know the REAL person unless you hear it from someone whose ass they aren’t trying to kiss.

And that’s unfortunate, but it’s what business is nowadays.  Not just in SL; it happens in RL too.  Most recently, my office manager at the site I’m doing my externship at – oh, I’m sorry… WAS doing my externship at… I’m being moved – was all smiles and niceness when she needed me.  You know, because she was short 2 staff members that she didn’t bother to properly replace when she knew for AGES that both of them were having surgery in the same week?  Yeah, when she needed me, she was super nice.

But when she didn’t?  She would go behind my back and try to throw me under the bus to my school.  Thankfully, this is the one time my Program Director had my back.  Because whether I like it or not, she knows me… and so she knows that the bullshit that was being said was just that, bullshit.

In SL, it’s not quite the same.  See, in SL… when you know how someone really is… and you try to warn someone that is supposed to be close to you… supposed to trust you… supposed to be working with you?  Yeah, you’re fed the same bullshit of “I base my opinions on my own experience with people.”

And you know, that’s all well and good to a certain extent.  I’m good with that.  I do the same thing myself when it comes to my friendships and any personal/romantic relationships.  Oh, my friend Susi is telling me that Johnny over here is a womanizer and that I shouldn’t even talk to him, let alone get to know him romantically?  That’s all well and good, and I’ll keep it in mind, but I’m still going to get to know the person.  Maybe the breakup was nasty.  Maybe he just wasn’t the right person for Susi.  That has no bearing on me.

However, the professional world is a little bit different.  You have to take other peoples’ experiences into account.  Because at the end of the day?  Those people are your future clients/customers.  Those people who have had that negative experience with Betty over here?  Are not going to come anywhere near you or anything you do, if you’re going to ‘hop in bed’ with her, business-wise.

And when you’ve got people… not just salty people who are CLEARLY salty… but unbiased, un-salty individuals… who have had extremely negative business experiences with Betty over there?  And who can provide you with proof, and facts about those negative business practices and rude attitudes of Betty over there?  And when the person bringing them to you is supposed to be someone you supposedly trust and work with?  There’s a certain deal of listening and taking it into account that needs to happen.

Otherwise… you’re just going to lose everything you’ve built, and everyone who trusts you to run a good business.  Because you won’t anymore.

You can’t base your business opinion solely on your own experience.  Betty over there is going to kiss your ass when she realizes she NEEDS you in order to save herself and her image.  She NEEDS your partnership to get anything new off the ground.  Betty over there isn’t going to show you a damn bit of the REAL Betty… because she knows if she does, you’ll bounce.

But the choice is ultimately yours.  Just know that I won’t sink with you.  And I won’t dig you out of the whole Betty over there buries you in.


*~* Confession .35.  You Better Mention Facts When You Say My Name… *~*

..:: Shape ::..  Mine
..:: Head ::..  Kori Static Head (Parted Lips 1) || Catwa
..:: Ears ::..  Uni Ears (Dobby) || Soul
..:: Skin Applier (Left) ::..  Luna (Ethereal) || AlterEgo || @ We ❤ RP
..:: Skin Applier (Right) ::..  Luna (Hellion) || AlterEgo || @ We ❤ RP
..:: Eyes (Left) ::..  Deadshine Eyes (Wight; Frozen Iris) || IKON
..:: Eyes (Right) ::..  Deadshine Eyes (Wight; Demonic Iris) || IKON
..:: Hair ::..  Angel (Tints version) || Sintiklia || @ Tres Chic
..:: Body ::..  Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Jewelry Set ::..  Liudi || Zibska || @ We ❤ RP
* This jewelry set comes with a color-change HUD allowing you to change different elements to several different colors, producing endless possible combinations.  I used 2 different combinations… one that matched the blue theme, and one that matched the red.  You might not be able to tell the difference, but any color differences are NOT filters.  They are color options from the HUD.

..:: Location ::..  Once Upon A Fairytale @ Cape Juniper

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Facts” – Empire Cast ft. Yazz

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