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Confession .32. Didn’t They Tell You That I Was A Savage?

Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch
Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?
Fuck your white horse and a carriage
Bet you could never imagine
Never told you, you could have it


I’m not going to be terribly long-winded, and for that I apologize.  I’m incredibly tired at the moment, but I have good reason to be.

I am officially done with classes!  Like, done done!  *Happy dances*

Now, I just have a six week externship left to complete, and my national certification exam.  I’m admittedly super excited about my externship, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up… because our administration isn’t exactly known for, like, giving a damn about the students and what’s best for them?  And they’ve already tried fucking up my externship twice now.  So I’m trying not to get my hopes up about this place until I show up on Monday and they actually know who I am and act like I’m supposed to be there.

But let’s be honest about how perfect this externship site is for me.  We all know I was a Psych student when I was at an actual 4-year school… the human brain, both in a physical and mental sense, fascinates me.  So to be externing in a Neurologist’s office is, like… gah!

Again, trying not to be too excited.  Clearly it’s not working.  Haha.


*~* Confession .32.  Didn’t They Tell You That I Was A Savage? *~*

..:: Shape ::..  Mine
..:: Head ::..  Kori Static Head (Parted Lips 4) || Catwa
..:: Skin Applier ::..  Sabine (T4 Fawn/Starlight) || Lumae || @ Buy Now Sept
..:: Eyeliner Applier ::..  Winged Eyeliner || Veechi
..:: Eyes ::..  Odyssey Eyes (Forest) || IKON
..:: Hair ::..  Gold  (Dark Browns) || Lamb || Luxe Box Sept.
..:: Body ::..  Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Dress ::..  Ania || Lybra || @ The Crossroads
..:: Heels ::..  Luxe’D Villenti Heels || Reign || Luxe Box Sept.
..:: Necklace ::..  Ania Necklace || Lybra || @ The Crossroads || gift!
..:: Rings ::..  Sinra Rings (Season 2) || Mandala

..:: Pose (photo 1) ::..  Standing poses 02 || K&S
..:: Pose (photo 2) ::..  Laying 13 || K&S

..:: Location ::..  Blithe

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Needed Me” – Rhianna

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