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Confession .29. When The Roof Is On Fire, You Never Let Me Know

Say You’re sorry, Honey
But You never really show…
And I can leave the party without ever letting You know
Without ever letting You know…

Confession .29.  When The Roof Is On Fire, You Never Let Me Know

The blogger gods seem to have answered my prayers today.  I went back into a couple of groups to see if I’d missed anything – because I always miss SOMETHING – and lo and behold, there was an awesome new skin applier for Lelutka from AlterEgo.  So of course I grabbed that.  And it was a chance to show off the Lelutka version of these Veechi eyeshadows I’ve been digging on lately.

But then, oh then, I missed more than I thought, as I found a set of nails from Formanails, and another tattoo from White Widow.

Now, as much as I love tattoos, skins, and nails, I can’t just lay here naked as a jaybird for all the world to see.  So I set out to event hop, looking for something that covered me without covering too much, and ran into this body suit at The Fantasy Collective.  Score one for Tivi!  And this hair is the other version of those pigtails I was mentioning last time, the first version Truth put out with the pigtails down the back… so I had everything set up.

But then I just felt… boring.  Like I was missing something.  And then, oh then!  I got a notecard from Promagic letting me know that I’d been accepted as a blogger.  Later this afternoon, some recent items were sent and this set of jewelry was EXACTLY what I needed to finish off this blog look.  So what a way to say welcome than to say, “Holy crap, your jewelry was perfect for this post!”

I am incredibly blessed to count them amongst my sponsors, and I look forward to sharing more of Promagic’s talent with you all in the near future!

*~* Confession .29.  When The Roof Is On Fire, You Never Let Me Know *~*

..:: Shape ::..  Mine
..:: Head ::..  Simone Head (v1.6) || Lelutka
..:: Skin Applier ::..  Yasmine for Lelutka (Chai) || AlterEgo
..:: Hair ::..  Satyra w/Bangs (Browns) || Truth Hair
..:: Body ::..  Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Nails ::..  Scarabeus Nails (Maitreya) || Formanails
..:: Tattoo ::..  Allied (White) || White Widow || @ Fetish Fair
..:: Eyeshadow Applier ::..  Charade Shadow (Silver; Lelutka) || Veechi || @ Collabor88
..:: Bodysuit ::..  Entrapment Bodysuit (White) || le fil casse || @ The Fantasy Collective
..:: Head Jewel ::..  Naari Maang Teeka (Gold) || Promagic || @ Shiny Shabby
..:: Earrings ::..  Naari Jhumka (Gold) || Promagic || @ Shiny Shabby
..:: Necklace ::..  Naari Haar (Gold) || Promagic || @ Shiny Shabby
..:: Bracelets ::..  Naari Kada (Gold) || Promagic || @ Shiny Shabby
..:: Belt ::..  Naari Kamarbandh (Gold) || Promagic || @ Shiny Shabby
..:: Feet Jewelry ::..  Naari Payal (Gold) || Promagic || @ Shiny Shabby
* The “Naari” set is a jewelry set available in a gacha at Shiny Shabby.  I’ve blogged the complete gold set here for you.  I named them based on their names in my inventory for the individual pieces and tried to tell you where those pieces were… I hope the credits weren’t confusing.  ❤

..:: Pose ::..  Laying 1 || K&S
* The hands were both modified using AnyPose BVH

..:: Location ::..  Blithe

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Gold” – Kiiara

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