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Confession .19. There’s No Going Back

So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Holding me close until our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone
Wait for me to come home…


This is either a strength or a weakness of mine… and I’m not above calling it both.  Situation pending.  Once you fuck me over, there’s usually no going back.  I say usually, because of course there are exceptions that prove the rule… however, 8 times out of 10, once that line is crossed, it doesn’t get crossed the other way.

Some would call this harsh.  “People deserve second chances,” they cry.  But do they really?  I’ve asked people for second chances before, so does that make me a hypocrite?  I’d like to think not… because most of the time, when I ask for a second chance, I know I don’t deserve it.  It’s just a matter of whether or not that other person is able to/willing to give whatever it was a second shot.

I just happen to be less willing than most.

And chalk that up to my past, if you must.  Vilify me for supposedly punishing you for what those in my past have done to me, if that’s what makes you sleep better at night.  If you have to accuse me of being unfair to you for holding you accountable for your actions and words, both in the moment and in the past, then that’s fine.  You do/think/say whatever will make you feel better.

Nothing will change the fact that you crossed that line.  And once it’s crossed, it’s so hard for me to go back.  I’ve tried.  And it’s never worked out well.

So maybe we’re just victims of circumstance.  Or maybe not.  I’ve taken ownership of not understanding… but you still haven’t taken ownership of changing quicker than the seasons.  And while that change is something I could potentially adjust to… in small doses… when it happens as it did?  No way.  Once bitten, twice shy, so they say.

I won’t be back.  Please don’t wait up.


*~* Confession .19.  There’s No Going Back *~*

..:: Shape ::.. Mine
..:: Skin ::.. Marcela Face for Catwa Head (Peach) || Insol
..:: Head ::.. Aisha || Catwa
..:: Eyes ::.. Mesh Eyes (#75) || L’Etre || Tres Chic
..:: Hair ::.. Betty (Brunettes) || Elikatira || Vintage Fair
..:: Body ::.. Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Hands ::.. Avatar Enhancement Hands (Casual) || Slink
..:: Feet ::.. Lara Feet || Maitreya
..:: Lipstick Applier ::.. Vintage Makeup || Arte || Vintage Fair
* This makeup comes as an applier for Catwa /only/.  It does not come with tattoo layers.
..:: Top&Shorts ::.. Bristol Top & Shorts (Black) || The Annex || Vintage Fair
..:: Heels ::.. Paloma (Night) || ChicChica || Vintage Fair
..:: Jewelry Set ::.. Art Deco Negligee Necklace & Earrings || Tantalum || Vintage Fair

..:: Pose (photo 1) ::.. Shoes 2 Mirror || ProPose
..:: Pose (photo 2) ::.. Pose Cute 5 Mirror || Vitalis Animatum

..:: Location ::.. Bar Moderna – In Basilique Town

..:: Blogging Tune ::.. “Photograph” Ed Sheeran – Madilyn Bailey & Peter Hollens (A Capella)

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