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Confession .12. I’m Obsessed With Music

Mmm, what’d You say?
Mm, that You only meant well?  Well of course You did…
Mmm, what’d You say?
Mm, that it’s all for the best?  Of course it is!

Hide And Seek 2

“Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.  Sick, sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs.  Speak no feeling, no I don’t believe you.  You don’t care a bit.  You don’t care a bit.”

I was OBSESSED with Imogen Heap in high school, and I’ve recently re-discovered how much I love her.  So don’t mind my random-ass song today.  -laughs-

It’s been a good long while since I’ve managed to poke my way around Fantasy Gacha Carnival and put something together that costs less than my first-born child would.  So I was super happy to seem to get relatively lucky on the machines I wanted to play.  (And by relatively lucky, I mean on the May’s Soul machine in particular, I ended up with multiple copies of the rare just trying to get a single copy of one of the commons.  -laughs-)

But I’ve been long-since obsessed with May’s Soul, down to being blessed enough to represent May and her designs in the Design N Dance Festival back in 2014, so when I saw alllll the sakura, I knew I wanted a full set, and I immediately wanted to blog it.

I’m also wearing one of AlterEgo’s Merlou skins from her offering at Fantasy Gacha carnival, however the May’s Soul blindfold covers the pretty face.  But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll see it again soon!  Sans blindfold.  You’ve been living under a rock if you don’t know by now how much I adore every skin Toxxic makes, and so I was super happy to see her in this round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and I hope to see her in more of them.  (Hint hint, cough cough Toxxic.)

One of the other major staples of this post would be the tattoos from Things, also available at this round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  I take breaks from designers occasionally and re-fall in love with them all over again, and this seems to have happened with Things this go-around.  I paired three of her tattoos together, all from Fantasy Gacha, that you can find the credits for down below.

The shorts are a preview of another outfit to come… Zenith did some awesome Beserker outfits, and I’ve got a full set of a different color that I’m gonna try to put together and blog soon.

Hide And Seek 3

Can we TALK about these shoes for a minute?  Omg.

I don’t really like wearing shoes… to the point that I showed up to the runway show that debuted my own designs… barefoot.  -laughs-  I just get to the point where looking for the right shoes becomes frustrating and a chore and I just don’t like it.

Now granted, these shoes are a part of the May’s Soul set from FGC, so I didn’t have to do much searching around for the right shoes, but I SWEAR I want to wear these around EVERYWHERE.  I’m so in love, and it’s an excuse to run around in my Slink High feet without wearing heels like everyone else.  Heels bore me.  Go figure.

Maybe it’s all the time I spent in Gor.  -shrugs-

Hide And Seek

*~* Confession .12.  I’m Obsessed With Music *~*

..:: Shape ::.. Mine
..:: Skin ::.. Merlou 03 (Lumiere Tone) || AlterEgo || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
..:: Ears ::.. Sylvan Ears || Bentbox
..:: Hair ::.. Kyra RARE (Colours) || Truth Hair || Gacha from The Epiphany
..:: Body ::.. Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Hands ::.. Lara Hands || Maitreya
..:: Feet ::.. Avatar Enhancement Feet (High) || Slink
..:: Nails ::.. Ballerina 2 || Formanails || new release!
* These nails are sold as versions for Class avatar hands, Slink Casual, Slink Elegant, and Maitreya hands.
..:: Chest Tattoo ::.. Saira (White) || Things || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
* This tattoo, and the other two from Things in this post, come with Fresh/Faded Omega appliers, and a TMP installer.  If your body is not TMP or Omega compatible, it will not work!
..:: Arms Tattoo ::.. Vynis (White) || Things || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
..:: Thighs Tattoo ::.. Tenoah (White) || Things || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
..:: Shorts ::.. Berserker Short with Belt (Rose) || Zenith || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
..:: Shoes ::.. Okobo (Pink) || May’s Soul || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
..:: Head Flowers ::.. Akira Headpiece || May’s Soul || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
..:: Blindfold ::.. Akira Blind (Pink) || May’s Soul || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
..:: Collar ::.. Hearts Collar (Colors) || XanSA
..:: Petals ::.. Akira Petals || May’s Soul || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
..:: Staff ::.. Akira Staff RARE || May’s Soul || Fantasy Gacha Carnival
..:: Right Hand Bottle ::.. Love Filter || May’s Soul || Fantasy Gacha Carnival

..:: Pose (photo 1 & 2) ::.. Summer 3 – Level 4 || Vitalis Animatum

..:: Location ::.. Blithe

..:: Blogging Tune ::.. “Hide And Seek” – Imogen Heap

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