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Confession .08. I’m Really Easily Distracted

Strictly out of curiosity…
What would happen if You got with me?
Kissin’ You would hit the spot with me.
Come on, skip a couple rocks with me…

Snapback 2

The process of creating this blog, start to finish, has literally taken me all day today.  Because I keep getting distracted.  I ran a few errands in RL, I poked around on my alt for awhile (shush – you all have one!), I’ve been snapchatting an old friend… I’m just super easily distracted.

And of course, this is also why I get super behind on everything I need to blog.  Because I see something that’s like, “Ooo, I need to blog that!”  Meanwhile, I have other things from sponsors sitting in my inventory… simply because this inspired me in the moment.

I’m sorry!  I’m getting there, I promise!

That said, as another example of my distraction, I totally set out today to give you guys another, better, view of this new White Widow tattoo that’s for sale at Shiny Shabby right now, because my hair covered a lot of the shoulder work in my last post, but of course… the sim I tp’d to… had this awesome broken down swing right… and then I just got super artsy and not so practical…

So that’s what this post became today.  Haha!

And now it’s almost midnight and I’m only just now getting this done.  Someone keep me focused tomorrow so I can get more work done?  Yes?

Oh oh OH… the whole other reason for this post?  AlterEgo has a new group gift skiiiiiin.  And it’s pretty.  So go, run, like NAO!


*~* Confession .08.  I’m Really Easily Distracted *~*

..:: Shape ::.. MINE
..:: Skin ::.. Mailei Skin (Rose tone) || AlterEgo || new group gift!
..:: Eyes ::.. Hope Eyes (Forest) || IKON
..:: Hair ::.. Austen (blacks & whites) || Truth Hair
..:: Body ::.. Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Hands ::.. Avatar Enhancement Hand (Casual) || Slink
..:: Feet ::.. Avatar Enhancement Feet (High) || Slink
..:: Nails ::.. Ballerina Nails || Formanails || recent release!
..:: Eyeshadow ::.. Eyeliner 10 || AlterEgo
..:: Tattoo ::.. Assassin (Black) || White Widow || Shiny Shabby
..:: Top ::.. Strappy Set (Black) || 1 Hundred || Kinky Monthly
..:: Skirt ::.. Silvana Denim Skirt w/Belt (Black) || Addams
..:: Heels ::.. Aria Heels || KC Couture

All poses in today’s photos were a part of the props on the location sim credited below.

..:: Location ::.. The Hell’s Haven

..:: Blogging Tune ::.. “Snapback” – Old Dominion

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